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  • Category Archives: Articles

    Year End Real Estate Content Rewind!

    The best way to end the year is to look back at it - that's what we're doing with our year-end real estate content rewind! Looking at what you did in the past can give you some great insight into what you can do better moving forward. It can also give you some...

    Good Real Estate Marketing is Consistent!

    If you have to make budget cuts coming up because you haven’t been moving homes for sale then here is the number one tip to make your real estate marketing stretch. 
    Post regularly to your Google Business page.
    First of all, the industry has led you to falsely believe that good real estate...

    Why Content Marketing Should Be Your Number One Marketing Spend.

    Content marketing is a key ingredient that can't be omitted when it comes to any holistic, not-paid-for, SEO strategy. This month we are going to cover why content is important, how much content you need for a relevant website, and a few other basics of content curation for real estate websites in Canada. Content is the...

    Website Maintenance for Real Estate Websites

    Maintaining your website is a lot like maintaining your car. If you don't know where to start then it can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. On the other hand, if you set it and forget it, then it can be costly, frustrating, and time-consuming and we can add detrimental to your business to that list. The...

    Are real estate SEO reports important?

    Are real estate SEO reports important?

    This is a question that we almost never get. The answer is yes, very. It's surprising to me that we often have to be the ones to initiate this part of the dialogue, especially when it comes to explaining our real estate SEO services to REALTORS® in Canada. Oftentimes, I wonder...

    Dreams Vs. Actions When it Comes to Real Estate SEO in 2022

    Did you reach your real estate SEO goals in '21?

    Some food for thought: The dreams you have are very different from the actions that will get you there.
    This statement is one we're feeling as the new year brings forth all of the usual churn and restlessness in our world. January and September are...

    Free Real Estate Websites from Corporate – Good, Bad or Ugly?

    Free real estate websites from your corporate real estate banner are almost always an option when it comes to getting online with your real estate business. As one of the pioneering companies of real estate technology in Canada, we can confirm that there are many real estate banners that have embarked on the free website...

    Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2022

    If you’re an eager beaver and you’re already planning next year's marketing calendar then this is the post you’ve been waiting for. We’re talking about the real estate marketing things we’re going to be putting more stock into this coming year. We’re also sharing tips on how to stay relevant, but more importantly,...

    How to be the BEST Local REALTOR® at Marketing!

    So, You Want To Be The BEST Local REALTOR ® At Marketing?

    We have a list of questions that beg attention, but none so frequent than this! So many agents new and experienced come to us looking for an answer on how to be the BEST REALTOR ® at local real estate marketing. Oftentimes, it's not...

    Real Estate SEO in Canada and Beyond

    Real Estate SEO in Canada and beyond is a coveted software service. Many businesses offer it to their clients, but without much insight. Rather than take the time to explain they would much rather chalk it up to "magic". That's where EstateVue's SEO program differs.  It's not magic. Good SEO comes down to consistency and...

    Grant less secure apps access to your Gmail

    All real estate website designer Canada will tell you that these days having the best email hosting provider is essential for your business, and there is no better email host than Google and Gmail. But given that you're reading this article, you likely already know that, and have setup your Gmail hosting. Once of the many...

    A notable online presence is so important

    At EstateVue we have been working with the real estate industry and real estate web design Canada since 2001. We have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of realtors and brokerages over this 20 year period. During this time, we have created simple and complex websites, beautiful logos and full branding packages designed to last...

    Tips for the best Real Estate Agent Website

    As a real estate agent website company in Canada we have to ask, are you finding that your website is not generating enough leads? Is the home page of your website too plain and bare? There are many things you can do to spruce up the look and functionality of your

    4 hot new real estate website trends

    Just like any form of art, real estate agent website designs are always changing and evolving. Some trends may have disappeared over time, but there are some designs and trends that have become staples in website design. Here is a list of some of the best real estate website trends from this year, and...

    Why your real estate agent website needs an SSL

    Are your real estate agent websites safe and secure? This is a question that not all realtors seem to ask themselves. Some people think that they don’t need an SSL on their website as they are not selling any products. That is actually further from the truth, and this article is going to tell you...

    Why all agents should be using of social media

    With the immense power of social media these days, it is a crucial for a real estate agent to take advantage of social media for realtors Canada. Social media is a great marketing tool for agents to expand their business, share their listings, and connect with potential clients and other agents. Here are a few ways...

    3 Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Agent Website

    3 Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Agent Website

    These days everyone is using the internet when looking for real estate on real estate templates. Using their laptops, tablets, or phones, virtually everyone is online looking for their next home, which is why as a real estate agent, the best form of marketing and a...

    Build a property website without lifting a finger!

    How to build a single page property website design for real estate listings, why they’re critical to your real estate marketing plan and often overlooked as a viable property lead generation technique.

    If there is one form of real estate marketing that is underestimated, it is none other than the single page property listing website. To better...

    SYNDICATE your LISTINGS to Social Media easily!

    Have you ever struggled to get your real estate listings published on as many websites as you can at the same time; only to realize that you don’t have enough time, accounts or online know how to syndicate your real estate listing content efficiently? facebooks syndication for real estate agents

    Affordability is Key

    Despite how many reports are claiming that new construction is the key to developing a healthy recovery method for the real estate market, it would appear these reports aren't looking in all directions very effectively. If they were, there would probably be a leniency towards re-visiting that mentality and developing a more comprehensive approach, rather...

    Important Features of Commercial Real Estate Website Design

    Currently witnessing a boom, real estate business, real estate web design and the property market have stretched virtually, where thousands and millions of transactions are taking place every day. As a result, making websites for real estate companies, firms or agencies has turned out to be a factual necessity.Despite the fact that commercial real estate...

    Real Property Website Style and Growth Services

    Actual Property Web page Style serves you with the promotion tools you need for performing both your real estate web page content and the results of real-estate property. Every portion of websites are enhanced for Google and considered to help you in business. Web design services and solutions are the edge of technology. As there...

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