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  • Good Real Estate Marketing is Consistent!

    If you have to make budget cuts coming up because you haven’t been moving homes for sale then here is the number one tip to make your real estate marketing stretch. 

    Post regularly to your Google Business page.

    First of all, the industry has led you to falsely believe that good real estate marketing needs to consist of a huge budget. This is the most common narrative especially if you listen to everyone who wants to pitch you on the latest real estate software or service. 

    Once you’ve been a part of the pitch cycle it seems like you can’t get away from it. The other detriment is that you start to believe that if you don’t do everything you’ll get left behind. So often times you do nothing at all while waiting for the holy marketing grail to reveal itself. 

    The fear is real. We’re here to cut the noise with this advice. Less is more. But, it’s how you attain less that will get you more. 

    Sounds clear as mud, so let’s get to clarifying below:

    Do more real estate marketing with less

    You just need to make sure that you're using less to make more. Make sense? Of course not. Let’s look at what we’re trying to say. 

    If you were to pay a company like EstateVue to write your content each month, optimize it and post it on your blog, then depending on the visibility of your website this would be less. Why? Because nobody knows your website exists at this point. Yes, writing and posting content is designed to attract more visitors, but how will they know it’s there if you aren’t sharing it? 

    The short answer is they don’t.  We aren’t saying you should cut your content budget, quite the contrary. What we are saying is that you should be doubling down on content and using it to share and get better traffic results. You can do this very effectively using Google Business to post and share your content. 

    Google is the answer for almost everyone when it comes to getting traffic. It makes sense that Google rewards websites that use its products and services with higher rankings. This is why we tend to see such great results from customers who also use this social medium to share their content. 

    When you post to Google Business you’re doing two very important things:

    1. Creating a backlink to your website
    2. Creating content that appears where people are actively searching for your product your service

    The great part about Google is that it’s free. It’s easy to use and since you already have content to share from your blog you have a resource in place to draw from. 

    How do you share content on Google Business? 

    If you’re new to Google Business then it’s very important that you get your account set up properly first and foremost. There are a ton of help articles on how to do this, but if you need help then you can always rely on a company like EstateVue to help you get organized. We do a lot of what we call digital footprint consolidation around here. 

    It involves a heavy audit of your social media profiles, consolidating the message, the medium, and more. Often times we nuke more accounts than we keep. The Snapchat profile you set up for your defunct real estate team isn’t doing you any favours out there.

    Once you have your account squared away with an updated profile picture, and updated contact details and have tested the contact methods then it’s time to start sharing. 

    Posts are shared as updates on Google business pages. Our sister marketing company in Kelowna, Atomic 55, has an easy-to-follow article that will show you how to quickly get to posting updates on your Google Business page. 

    Read it here now: https://atomic55.net/updated-4th-quarter-22-how-to-post-on-google-business/ 

    How do you stay consistent with your posts? 

    This is the key to any successful marketing plan. Staying consistent. Articles and updates should be shared regularly. We suggest at least posting one article per month to your blog and sharing links back to snippets of each article once every 5 days. 

    These are the bare minimums for any SEO campaign. More posts and more shares will result in more traffic, but the goal is to get on track with regular updates before you flood your feed with more of anything.  

    Pro-tip for staying consistent with real estate marketing?

    Once again, we suggest Google for the win. Google Calendar is a no-fail way to schedule not only your blog posts but your life! Use it to your advantage. It’s another free organizational tool that will keep your work life on track and thriving. 

    Simply set aside an hour in your calendar each week for posting on Google Business and you’ll be off to the races. Google Calendar can be set to recur every day, week, month, or year. Reminders can be set as frequently as you require. Once you can see your week in a calendar-like format it can become very easy to tackle even the largest of marketing tasks. We highly, highly recommend that you use a calendar system to stay on track with updates. 

    Still not buying that Google Business is a good, free answer to increasing traffic to your website?

    Check out this example chart below. 

    The yellow highlighted line indicated a change. You’ll notice how we made a very big jump in rankings. The traffic was very flat beforehand. And beforehand, we were not using Google Business to share information. The yellow line indicates the big jump in traffic after we started using Google Business for posting. The numbers don’t lie and neither do we. Google Business works. It’s free. And you should use it. Or pay a company like EstateVue to use it on your behalf. 

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