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  • REALTOR® Websites: Why Have One?

    As a REALTOR®, you know that being visible online is crucial to your success. This is largely due to the fact that most buyers and sellers begin their real estate journey virtually. Whether it’s to find their dream home, search for comparable properties, or get in touch with an agent, people are looking to the Internet to find what they need. For agents, this means having a digital presence is more important than ever! One of the best ways to ensure your visibility is through REALTOR® websites. Having a personal real estate agent website will help establish a connection with potential clients while providing them with the information they need to achieve their goals. In this article, we will be going over the reasons why you absolutely need a REALTOR® website in 2023 as an agent! Follow along below to learn more. 

    Why Have REALTOR® Websites?

    • For First-Time Buyers and Sellers

    First-time buyers and sellers generally begin their real estate journey online. This means searching for agents, reading blog articles about what to expect, and checking out listings. Those who have their own personal agent websites can capitalize on these viewers by directing their content toward clients new to real estate. Most often, this is done through a blog. Blogs are a great way to reach your audience and share helpful information. Not to mention, a blog can help establish your credibility as an agent. All in all, having your own website will ensure that you stay top of mind when first-timers take the plunge. 

    • To Attract Local Business

    Having a website is a good way for you to establish yourself in your local market. When people search for real estate online, they often specify what location they are looking in. For example, a person looking for a home in Vancouver might search: “real estate in Vancouver”, or “homes for sale in Vancouver”, as opposed to, “homes for sale” or “real estate”. Ensuring that you have a website that includes the location(s) you serve and where you are located will help you to generate more leads in your area. 

    • So You Can Establish Your Brand

    A robust digital presence is integral in cementing your brand. A website can help you do so by connecting you with your audience and setting yourself apart from other agents. Moreover, REALTOR® websites allow you to showcase your personality and areas of expertise. For instance, older folks will gravitate towards agents who are invested in working with retirees and empty-nesters. Whereas, buyers from out-of-town may look to agents who specialize in vacation properties. Use your website to tell your viewers who you are and what makes you unique! 

    More Reasons to Invest in a Website as a REALTOR® 

    • To Generate More Leads & Grow Your Audience

    Lead generation is an important part of being an agent. Without new leads, it is difficult to grow your business. Having a website is one of the best ways to capture new leads and expand your audience. This is possible thanks to the many digital tools at your disposal. For instance, live chat services, contact forms and pop-ups. All of these tools work together to ensure that your website traffic turns into high-quality leads.

    • It’s Yours to Keep

    As an agent, you may not always stick with the same brokerage. And, more often than not, when an agent switches to a new brokerage, they lose their marketing. This is a big disadvantage that can be costly to mend. With your own personal website, you can switch brokerages all you want without the fear of losing your platform. All that might need to be changed are some logos and brand statements which are very simple fixes. Having your own website will give you comfort in knowing that if you ever switch brokerages, the transition will be seamless. 

    • For the Marketing Opportunities 

    In today’s market, your website should serve as the foundation for your marketing. This is because there are so many marketing opportunities once you have a platform like a website. For instance, SEO, social media marketing and content marketing! All of these tactics can be routed through your website to draw the most traffic to you, your listings, and your expertise. 

    Contact us About REALTOR® Websites Today!

    Having your own personal website as an agent is essential to your success. With more and more people beginning their real estate journey online, your digital presence is a must! 

    Are you ready to start planning a custom REALTOR® website? Give us a call or chat with us now to get started! Be sure to visit our blog again next month for more content like this.

    We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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