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  • We are a Canadian based real estate marketing agency that gets results.

    EstateVue is a Canadian real estate marketing company.  We focus on software development for real estate marketing in Canada.  As a result we create software tools and products that primarily serve the Canadian real estate sector.   EstateVue was developed by the partners at Atomic 55. A web design and marketing agency founded in 2001. In 2007, EstateVue started out by developing virtual tour software.   

    EstateVue works with REALTORS® and Brokers to streamline marketing and leads. Our solutions are easily customized to generate online traffic and leads whether you’re just getting started or just getting ready to level up. Since our products and services are managed on the marketing side, you can focus on your everyday tasks knowing that your website is doing its job. We ensure that your data is correct, your website is up to date (blogging & social media included) and your leads are getting to you immediately. In addition, we report on ways to improve your visibility, both online and offline. Our marketing packages are collaborative, inclusive and above all, they produce tangible results.

    mls website for realtors



    There have always been a lot of website solutions available in the marketplace when it comes to websites and digital products. Whether they are geared toward real estate or they are for general business, you can find both inclusive and niche solutions for almost every function.  The crowded space can make it difficult for REALTORS® and their trusted advisors and assistants to make the right decision.

    Oftentimes, we see mistakes made where marketing becomes overcomplicated. REALTORS® unwittingly find themselves in a situation where they have too much. Too much marketing is real, so let’s get into what you really need to have a great real estate website in Canada. Hopefully, these tips can help you streamline your process and your AP.

    There are a few things that you need to keep in mind for your real estate website in order for it to be effective.


    EstateVue real estate marketing lends itself to big thinkers who want to position themselves as local real estate experts. We provide all the digital tools to position you as an expert in the field of real estate. From MLS listing data tools to content marketing and SEO services specific to real estate in Canada – EstateVue can connect all the dots. Discover more about our hands-on approach to positioning you as the local go-to for real estate advice!
    Estatevue Real Estate Control Panel Home Screen
    Discover Top Reator Sites in Canada Designed by EstateVue

    EstateVue Software Platform

    Learn more about what makes the EstateVue software platform so versatile.   Infinite design options, SEO friendly, and easy listing data management all tied into one incredible real estate software system.  Scroll down to learn more about some of the unique features EstateVue has to offer.

    Infinite Design Technology

    Because EstateVue’s software platform is independent from the website’s front end technology we are able to build unique layouts, photo gallery templates, and incredible search options for all real estate listing data managed through our various data feeds.   This affords the ability to have a unique design from everything through the website build, all the way down to how the real estate listings look within your website.  What ever you can dream, we can build it.

    Real estate listing search options screen

    Customizable Search Functionality

    Show specific listings based on price, type, location and more.  Give your customers the information they need, and boost your positioning in the search engines by showing specific properties based on address or keyword.

    Social Media Managment for real estate websites

    Direct Social Media Integration

    Integrated social media like Instagram, Google Reviews and more.  We integrate your social feeds directly into your website to improve visitation and keep visitors engaged within your website.   Build credibility and confidence with your customers by demonstrating your approval rating through customer experiences. 

    Real estate CRM connector

    Integrated Lead Management

    EstateVue has built in functionality to send your leads to your CRM with ease.  If you don’t have a CRM, no problem, we have one.  Let us funnel all of the contact requests from your chat, lead generation forms, contact forms, and even SMS into one location for easy follow up and organization. 

    EstateVue Lead Connector CRM

    Integrated SMS, Live Chat, and Powerforms (forms sent via SMS).

    We know how important it is to convert website traffic into contact requests, which is why we include options for visitors to send you an SMS, start a chat, and fill out contact forms that are sent to you through email and SMS.  Communicate instantly, from anywhere without any worry that you are losing leads.  SYNC your leads with our CRM and now you have an engine that saves you time, and gives you an edge over your competitors.

    Real estate listing management software

    Listing Management Control Panel

    Automatic listings syncing tools will allow our software to download your real estate listings into our platform as they become available.   Because of this unique mechanism, the EstateVue listing control panel, allows you to further customize each listing by adding virtual tours, higher resolution photos, and even generate real time tracking links for your customers to monitor traffic.  

    Best of all because you are hosting a copy of the listing data locally your SEO goes through the roof as Google indexes the content within the page: photos, listing addresses, descriptions and more. 

    IDX real estate data feeds Canada
    real estate data feeds canada

    IDX / Real Estate Data Feeds

    Showing all real estate listings in your local area is a must for any real estate website today.   EstateVue controls many different real estate data feeds across Canada, and we can refine the exact property types you want to show in your website.  Whether you are looking to show real estate under 400K or all Condos in a specific neighbourhood, we have you covered.   

    Real estate listing search tools for REALTORS

    Polygon Listing Isolation

    Looking to show listings in a specific boundary location?  Perhaps you wan to show real estate listings in a neighborhood that might not exist yet?  With our list of search by map tools and various mapping options you can now show all kinds of new data and property information in your real estate website. 

    IDX real estate listing search

    Our real estate mapping software is smart!

    Imagine being able to look at a grouping of listings in real-time and determine which listing is above or below the average price over a given time frame? Perhaps you want to see which neighbourhoods are most expensive in a particular area of the city. Our mapping systems and listing frameworks give us an incredible amount of information and power to create tools and functionality that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your real estate website stand out from the competition. 

    What's On Our Mind?

    Learn more about marketing for real estate when you read our blog. We post once per month and regularly share tips and advice about digital marketing for Canadian real estate websites.