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  • IDX WordPress Plugin for REALTORS® and Brokers in Canada

    The EstateVue Lite WordPress plugin for MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and IDX (Internet Data Exchange) websites in Canada represents a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to elevate the real estate listing experience. As an essential component for real estate professionals operating in the Canadian market, this plugin offers a seamless and efficient solution for showcasing property data within the WordPress framework.

    The EstateVue Lite WordPress plugin for MLS and IDX websites in Canada is a dynamic and indispensable tool for real estate professionals seeking to establish a compelling online presence. Combining ease of use, affordability, and visually appealing design options, this plugin caters to a diverse range of professionals in the Canadian real estate market. By seamlessly integrating with MLS and IDX data, it ensures that property listings are not only showcased attractively but also remain accurate and up-to-date, fostering trust and engagement with potential clients. For real estate professionals looking to elevate their online presence and deliver a superior user experience, the EstateVue Lite plugin stands out as a valuable and impactful solution.

    To learn more about the EstateVue Lite WordPress plugin, please read on!


    Key Features


    Simple to install and use.

    Install our WordPress plugin, and embed the short code you want real estate data to show.  Generate and customize your shortcode with different options.  


    Shortcodes make is easy as 1-2-3.

    Once the WordPress plugin is installed, simply install shortcodes into the pages you want real estate data to show.  


    Modern B+W Listing Widget

    The black + white hover real estate widget is a sophisticated and contemporary addition to the landscape of your website.


    Simple Listing Widget

    The simplicity of this widget represents a streamlined user-friendly interface with a focus on clarity and ease of use. 


    Styley Responsive Listing Pages

    This modern highly responsive details page driven by the EstateVue MLS + IDX plugin represents a significant leap forward in the realm of real estate listings, providing Realtors with a cutting-edge tool for presenting properties in a visually stunning and functionally robust manner. 


    High Definition Photo Gallery

    EstateVue’s high definition detailed photo gallery for Realtor websites signifies a transformative shift in the way properties are showcased online. This feature is designed to provide an unparalleled visual experience, offering a meticulous and immersive presentation of each property through an easy to use user interface.


    Multiple Listing Design Options

    Change to a different design for listing details page with an emphasis on a large, focused map that serves as a central element, coupled with a split-screen layout for presenting property details. At the core of this design is the prominent use of a large map, strategically placed to capture the attention of visitors. This map acts as a visual focal point, allowing users to quickly and intuitively explore available properties in their desired location. 

    Frequently asked questions


    Ultra Affordable

    The cost to setup our WP Lite plugin is $125 + $69/mo. CAD.


    Sign Up

    Want to sign up and use our WordPress plugin?  The first step is to fill out the form below, and submit it for review.  


    Contact Us

    Do you have questions about our plugin?  Please use the chat tool within our website talk to us.

    Does this plugin work on websites that are not WordPress based?

    Unfortunately our EstateVue Lite plugin for WordPress works specifically in WordPress only.   

    Is this plugin SEO friendly?

    Absolutely, this plugin has been designed with SEO in mind, and you can expect directly URLs to be indexed via Google when it is embedded within your website.  

    What features are included in the plugin?

    Our EstateVue Lite plugin ships with 2 modern listing widgets that integrate easily in any web page.  You can then further customize the details page that loads when a listing is viewed.

    Can I manage featured listings and customize them via your EstateVue Platform?

    Unfortuantely no, the Lite plugin is meant for quick and easy integration of IDX data in a website.  If you are looking for a more robust solution, please look at our Quickstart / Core / Managed models.

    What is the cost to use the EstateVue Lite WordPress plugin?

    The cost to integrate our plugin is $125 + $69/mo.

    How much does the SYNCRO add-on cost?

    If you want to enable live chat, SMS, and powerforms into your website the cost is $25/mo.  

    What if I want to Cancel, is there a contract for the WordPress Lite Plugin?

    There are no contracts with our software.  We only require a 30 day cancellation policy in order to wind down the product and cancel the services.

    Get Started

    Please use the form below to submit your application to use our WordPress plugin.   Once you submit the application, we will verify the information, and reach out regarding payment, and an introductory email.   Once payment has been submitted, your order will be entered into our queue for setup.  It takes approximately 24 hours to turn around a setup of the data feed and your instance of the software.  If you have specific questions, please contact us via the chat option on our site. 

    Chat with me now!