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    live chat software for realtors


    What is SYNCRO?

    SYNCRO is a live chat software built around the SMS features on your phone.  We connect the mobile real estate salesforce instantly to their website touch points by bridging the gap between website chat and SMS.  You can use any mobile phone and you don’t need to download any apps or software. SYNCRO just works.

    The key integration points of SYNCRO in a REALTOR’S website are outlined in the above graphic:

    1. Direct SMS – Website visitors can SMS you directly from your website, allowing you to respond when you are free phone your phone’s SMS.  
    2. Live Chat with SMS – Website visitors can request a chat, at which point the chat request is sent to your phone via SMS, and you can respond via SMS with the chat going back to the website where  the user is.   Your number is kept confidential, and the website visitor does not know you aren’t at your computer responding.
    3. Click to Call actions give us the opportunity to track clicks for lead conversions.
    4. Powerlinks are unique links and images that can be placed within a website to call out the chat window and drive interaction.

    We keep it simple.

    Think back to when you met the love of your life.  Before you even knew their name.  Did you walk up to them and hand them a 20 question form to fill out asking what their income was and when they planned to make their next big purchase?  Probably not. So why do you expect to create a meaningful relationship with your clients based on these misguided principles?  Ditch your dated contact form and build client relationships organically with SYNCRO. SYNCRO also offers basic contact forms for people who like to stick to those.

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    Is SYNCRO easy to use?

    Easy as 1-2-3.


    No APPs to install.


    Nothing new to learn.


    Just respond via SMS.


    Direct Engagement Through a Better Live Chat Software in a Broker Website

    SYNCRO’s new live chat software affords the ability for clients to interact directly with real estate agents in real-time through an innovative new live chat system.  There are profound benefits of integrating a live chat tool into brokerage websites, with a specific focus on establishing direct connections between clients and agents. By facilitating personalized, responsive, and round-the-clock communication, this approach not only enhances the customer experience but also contributes to elevated conversion rates, improved agent efficiency, and, ultimately, real estate success.

    Live chat software for real estate brokerage website.

    Agent on Duty Lead Control

    The concept of direct engagement with the SYNCRO live chat Agent on Duty widget. This new tool affords the ability for clients to interact directly with real estate agents in real-time through live chat. There are profound benefits of integrating a live chat tool into brokerage websites, with a specific focus on establishing direct connections between clients and agents. By facilitating personalized, responsive, and round-the-clock communication, this approach not only enhances the customer experience but also contributes to elevated conversion rates, improved agent efficiency, and, ultimately, real estate success.

    At its core, the power of direct engagement lies in its personalized, responsive, and 24/7 communication capabilities easily adminstrated by a drag and drop interface in the admin of the software. Easily add and remove agents in a real time calendar so that agents can benefit from contact requests on their scheduled day.

    Let’s delve deeper into the profound benefits of integrating a live chat tool, such as SYNCRO, into brokerage websites, with a specific emphasis on establishing direct connections between clients and agents.

    Personalized Communication with a Client-Centric Approach

    In the competitive real estate landscape, establishing a strong rapport with clients is pivotal to success. The SYNCRO live chat tool empowers real estate agents to deliver a highly personalized experience to each client. When a prospective buyer or seller initiates a chat, they are not greeted by a generic automated response or AI but by a live real estate agent who can address their specific needs and inquiries.

    This personalized approach creates a sense of trust and credibility from the outset. Clients feel valued and understood, as they are communicating with a knowledgeable professional who is well-versed in the intricacies of the local real estate market. Why wouldn’t I just use an AI or robot to answer these chats, as I don’t have time for these requests? AI, and robots can repeat basic answers about the details of a real estate listing, but the relationship building aspect of the live chat is removed when this particular method is implemented. Having the right person enage with the chat improves the potential of “high intent” business affording highly accurate responses to the client’s unique situation, providing insights, recommendations, and information that are directly relevant to their real estate goals.

    Furthermore, personalization extends to every aspect of the interaction. Real estate agents can greet clients by name, reference previous conversations, and maintain a history of interactions to ensure a seamless and continuous experience. This level of personalization can significantly enhance the overall customer experience and establish a strong foundation for building long-lasting client relationships.

    Responsive Communication and Meeting Expectations in Real-Time

    In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, clients have grown accustomed to instant gratification. They expect quick responses and timely assistance. The SYNCRO live chat tool allows real estate agents to meet these expectations with unparalleled responsiveness.

    As soon as a chat is initiated, the client is connected to the specified “Agent on Duty” in real-time. This is acheived by sending the communication request to the agent’s phone via SMS. SMS messages are sent instantly to the agent, and becasue the can respond instantly, a website vistor’s questions and inquiries are addressed promptly, often within seconds. The immediate response not only satisfies the client’s desire for instant information but also prevents them from seeking answers elsewhere or, worse, losing interest. We have 7 seconds folks to ensure people stick around!

    Round-the-Clock Availability + Accommodating Diverse Schedules

    One of the notable advantages of live chat tools like SYNCRO is their ability to provide round-the-clock availability. Unlike traditional business hours, which can limit client-agent interactions, live chat operates 24/7. This accessibility is a crucial factor in accommodating the diverse schedules and time zones of clients.

    Clients may be searching for properties, seeking information, or ready to engage with an agent at any time, day or night. The SYNCRO live chat tool ensures that they are never met with silence or an “out of office” message. This constant availability reflects a commitment to exceptional customer service and positions the brokerage as a reliable source for real estate guidance. What if I don’t want it always on? Everyone needs a break so if you don’t want the chat to exceed a specific time frame, simply adjust the scheduler and ensure the chat only takes place between certain time frames.

    Turning Interactions into Transactions

    Ultimately, the integration of the SYNCRO live chat tool into brokerage websites has a direct and measurable impact on conversion rates. Conversion, in the real estate context, refers to the transformation of a prospective client’s interest into a transaction, whether it be a property purchase or sale. The personalized, responsive, and round-the-clock communication facilitated by live chat significantly contributes to this transformation. Being able to track website traffic to its source, and then connect it to the conversion (live chat, sms, contact form submission) can give us powerful insights in our marketing spends.

    When clients engage in meaningful conversations with agents through live chat, they are more likely to move forward in the real estate process. This engagement allows real estate agents to guide clients through the various stages of buying or selling a property, addressing their concerns, providing insights, and building trust along the way. The result is a more qualified lead who is closer to making a transaction.

    A real-world case study vividly illustrates this point. A brokerage that integrated the SYNCRO live chat tool reported a remarkable 30% increase in conversion rates within the first six months of implementation. Clients who engaged with real estate agents through live chat were not only more likely to complete transactions but also did so at a faster pace. The immediate and responsive communication offered by live chat played a pivotal role in expediting the real estate process.

    Improved Agent Efficiency

    The benefits of live chat are not one-sided. Real estate agents themselves experience significant advantages through the adoption of the SYNCRO live chat tool. The tool equips agents with the means to manage inquiries and interactions efficiently, enabling them to navigate the dynamic and fast-paced real estate market with agility.

    First and foremost, the tool streamlines communication by centralizing inquiries within a single platform. Live chats, SMS requests, and contact forms are all recorded in the CRM allowing for easy reference at a later date. Furthermore, the live chat tool integrates seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems commonly used in the real estate industry. This integration automates the process of capturing and storing client information, chat histories, and lead details. Agents can access these records to gain valuable insights into client preferences, past interactions, and current needs. This knowledge equips agents to provide a higher level of personalization and grants them access to a full power sales pipeline.

    SYNCRO is comes with valuable analytics and performance insights that allow agents to measure their responsiveness, track engagement, and identify trends in client inquiries. Armed with this data, agents can continually refine their communication strategies and tailor their responses to align with client expectations.

    In terms of efficiency, the SYNCRO live chat tool has been shown to reduce the average response time to client inquiries by 50%. This means that agents can address inquiries more rapidly, reducing the risk of clients losing interest or pursuing other options. The result is a more efficient and effective approach to managing client interactions.

    The real estate industry is evolving, and those who embrace the capabilities of the SYNCRO live chat tool are well-positioned to excel in this dynamic environment. The real estate success stories, elevated customer experience, and agent empowerment facilitated by live chat are testament to the transformative potential of this technology. In a field where relationships and communication are paramount, direct engagement through live chat is not merely an option; it is a necessity for achieving excellence in the real estate profession. The future of real estate is here, and it’s powered by the SYNCRO live chat Agent on Duty widget.

    For more information on our live chat for real estate software SYNCRO and how it can tie into the IDX data, or other live MLS feeds, please click here – live chat software and dynamic data.

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    Opportunity Texts!

    Chat seamlessly with people visiting your website via your mobile device no matter where you are with our live chat for real estate software. Leads coming from your web chat tool are now instantly funneled via text message to your phone in real time. This all adds up to you selling more and building customer relationships one text at a time.

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