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  • Real Estate Listings Displayed on your TV

    The real estate industry, with its constant evolution and growing competitiveness, continuously seeks innovative ways to engage clients, stand out in the market, and generate revenue. To this end, EstateVue has developed MLD (Multimedia Listing Display) software that allow for the procurement of digital kiosks for showcasing real estate listings. These interactive displays, which can be placed inside or outside brokerage offices, are transforming the way agents present their properties and services while opening up revenue-generating opportunities through advertising. Best of all we can simply turn them on as part of our broker eco-system giving you access to this service quickly and affordably. Lets explore the benefits and features of this cutting-edge technology. We will highlight how it enhances real estate listing visibility, engages clients, and even offers an avenue for additional income.


    The core objective of real estate listings is to reach potential buyers and renters. However, in a competitive market, the challenge lies in capturing the attention of these prospects. EstateVue’s MLD (multi-listing display) software redefines how real estate listings are showcased. High-resolution digital kiosks and TV’s equipped with this software breathe life into property listings with vibrant displays and dynamic visuals. Our intuitive screens turn passersby into captivated clients. By instantly grabbing attention, these digital kiosks ensure that the listings are not just seen but remembered.


    High-Resolution Displays for Stunning Visuals

    The success of any digital kiosk lies in the quality of its visual display. EstateVue’s MLD software boasts high-resolution screens that vividly showcase property images and videos. These stunning visuals create a captivating and immersive experience for viewers, ensuring that the listed properties make a lasting impression.

    Real-Time Listing Updates for Accuracy

    The real estate market moves quickly, and property listings change frequently. EstateVue’s MLD software supports real-time updates, guaranteeing that the information presented on the digital kiosks is always current and accurate. Clients can trust that they are accessing the most up-to-date property details, eliminating confusion and disappointment caused by outdated information.

    QR Code Integration for Seamless Information Access

    In a digital age, clients are accustomed to using smartphones to access information quickly. EstateVue’s MLD software integrates QR codes into the digital kiosk displays. Clients can scan these codes to access more details, request showings, or even contact the listing agent directly. This integration simplifies the process of gathering information and ensures a seamless transition between the digital kiosk and the client’s mobile device.

    Custom Branding for a Cohesive Experience

    Maintaining a consistent and professional branding image is vital in the real estate industry. EstateVue’s MLD software can be customized to align with the brokerage’s branding, ensuring that the digital kiosk interface reflects the broker’s identity. This cohesiveness creates a polished and professional experience for clients.

    Revenue Generation Through Advertising

    The innovative aspect of EstateVue’s MLD software goes beyond enhancing the real estate listing experience. It offers an additional avenue for generating revenue through advertising. Real estate brokerages can rent out advertising space on their digital kiosks, allowing sponsors and local businesses to showcase their services or products. The advantages of advertising on these digital kiosks are significant.


    Real estate listing display technology with advertising

    Local Advertising Opportunities

    Real estate brokerages often occupy prominent locations within their communities. These locations present valuable advertising opportunities for local businesses seeking to connect with the community. Local advertisers can target their messages to a local audience of potential homebuyers and renters, ensuring that their advertisements are highly relevant and impactful.

    Targeted Marketing and Message Relevance

    Advertisers can tailor their messages to match the interests and needs of the kiosk’s users. For example, a local moving company can advertise its services to individuals browsing property listings, ensuring that the message is highly relevant and likely to convert into inquiries or leads. This level of targeting ensures that advertising is not only cost-effective but also results-driven.

    Additional Revenue Stream for Brokerages

    By renting out advertising space on their digital kiosks, brokerages create an additional revenue stream that complements their core real estate services. This stream of income can help brokerages reinvest in their marketing efforts, technology upgrades, or staff development. It adds a new dimension to their financial sustainability and growth.

    Reciprocal Promotion and Collaborations

    Advertising partnerships can lead to reciprocal promotions between real estate brokerages and local businesses. Brokerages can collaborate with advertisers to promote their services to their clients in return. This mutually beneficial relationship strengthens community connections and can enhance the brokerage’s reputation as a community-oriented business.


    Kiosk Solutions

    Busy public spaces equal an incredible real estate window display opportunity for listings and banner level appeal. Whether you choose to man the kiosk for face to face support or set it and forget it doesn’t make a difference to the hard working kiosk. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Unlike human agents the kiosk doesn’t need continual self-reassurance nor does it need to leave 15 minutes early for its kid’s softball game. No. the Kiosk will be there until long after closing on Christmas Eve because it has a job to do and it won’t rest until it gets that job done. The kiosk will provide you thankless leads time and time again into the wee hours of the night if you choose. If you’re looking for your dream robot agent then EstateVue can talk options with you.

    real estate window display


    Digital Advertising with EV Touch

    EstateVue real estate kiosks / EV Touch are the first of their kind in North America.  They’re the only customizable real estate kiosk solution you’ll find that incorporates all the bells and whistles of easy listings searches, lead generation and advertising opportunity.

    We can finally say that we’ve put all of your concerns, wishes, wants and needs into one easy-to-use, sexy little package: EstateVue real estate kiosks. EstateVue offers kiosk solutions for every level of the real estate game.

    We have interactive touch screen options perfect for single or multiple use within shopping malls, airports or busy lobbies.  We also have TV presentation options great for boardrooms, signing rooms and anywhere you need to attract traffic.

    Our real estate kiosk solutions also provide an amazing opportunity for forward thinking, green brokerages to do away with costly, time consuming paper listings.  Your windows will thank you for it!

    If you’re an of the minute agent or a broker, then you need to get it all in one place with EstateVue real estate window display. Don’t waste your time shopping around for out of date technology. We have it all under one roof.

    We have great leasing programs in place to get you up and running quickly. Talk to us now to get started or look into purchasing our plugin here.