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  • Real Estate SEO in Canada and Beyond

    Real Estate SEO in Canada and beyond is a coveted software service. Many businesses offer it to their clients, but without much insight. Rather than take the time to explain they would much rather chalk it up to "magic". That's where EstateVue's SEO program differs.  It's not magic. Good SEO comes down to consistency and staying power.

    We break down some of the items that we do differently this month, but really we want this post to shine a light on some of the great real estate agents, companies, and brokerages with who we are fortunate to work.


    Our SEO program does not leave anything to the imagination. That's because each month our clients are sent a detailed report. These reports aren't just a regurgitation of stats either. They're carefully planned and executed to match up with the work we have done on your website each month. Reports from EstateVue's SEO team include all of the work listed in a bulleted format with easy-to-follow links for verification purposes.

    This level of communication has been very well received by our customers. While not every month is a huge gain in ranking for every client, we always take the time to explain what is happening within your website. As a result, our clients learn a little more about the process, how they can contribute and why rankings, search visibility and more have an impact.


    Beware the SEO or web development company that says they can get you rankings without offering a solid maintenance plan to back that statement up. We generally only sell websites that come with a specific level of SEO and or maintenance package.

    That's because even the most basic of a website requires maintenance. Plugins need to be updated, speed and security also need to be monitored. Without regular monthly maintenance, you can expect your website to:

    • tank in rankings
    • be really slow as time wears on
    • get hacked due to outdated plugins or framework
    • contain broken links, missing content, or look broken
    • have outdated real estate listings


    Every SEO package we maintain for our customers comes with custom content. Custom content that has been designed to appeal to search engines and customers alike. We write all of our content in-house, so you don't need to worry about bad English, spelling mistakes, or cultural discrepancies due to a lack of local knowledge.

    Our writing team has decades of experience in both SEO writing and literature. While our writing team is University educated and trained you will notice that our posts are geared towards a lower level of education. That's all part of the secret sauce and we are happy to explain this in more detail when you become one of our customers.


    Our real estate SEO in Canada also comes with some great technology to help us gather and report website data. Monthly reports also share statistics about rankings, competitors, social media posts, and stats as well as traffic, lead generation, and more.

    And the technology doesn't stop at the reporting either! Many of our customers also benefit from the lead conversion leader in chat - SYNCRO web chat. This little text to chat robot will help you close down leads all day long!


    If you've been looking for a Canadian SEO company to help you with your SEO efforts then get in touch with us. We would love to hear more about what you're currently doing, where you want to be, and what we can do to help you attain your goals! Reach out to us today! Keep reading for some great examples of Real Estate SEO in Canada!


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