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  • How Do You Record Quality Real Estate Video With Your Phone?

    You don't...that's how you record quality video. Without your cell phone. Whoever convinced you that the latter is a good idea is sorely wrong. We're talking falling down a flight of stairs sore. And that hurts.Despite the manufacturers of your phone telling you it has a fancy HD camera lens, possibly some editing software, a stabilizer, tripod, or monopod, maybe even some filters...it doesn't matter. You can NOT cheat professional looking real estate videos with your phone. It isn't physically possible, no matter how new and advanced said phone may be, for two reasons that should be relatively obvious...but apparently aren't.Reason 1: you aren't a professional videographer or photographer, therefore you most likely have no clue how to frame shots, execute efficient lighting, comfortably shoot what you know to be the most appealing angles to efficiently display the property, are probably a few years short of schooling and experience in the video/photo realm, not to mention that the consumer's-eye impact will be far more effective if the property is shot by a professional. Don't put your customer's goods on the line by half-assing your marketing by doing it yourself - it makes you look cheap and unprofessional, and it makes the property look far less appealing, which is ultimately detrimental for both your client and your business.Reason 2: your phone is a phone. It's not a DSLR or comparable professional alternative used to shoot properties. It's a phone. If you were able to record 'professional' quality video and photos from it, it wouldn't be called a phone, it would be called a camera. Sure, it has a lens, a flash, an 'HD' quality capability and some stabilizing software - but just because you own a car doesn't make you a NASCAR driver, and the same goes for photo and video materials for your business shot from your phone. Do it right the first time and hire a professional. Period. Don't discredit the videographers'/photographers' profession by recording slanderous replacements of their products and passing it off to your clients as acceptable. It really isn't doing anyone a favour...other than you (the agent) for saving some money on the marketing materials in order to avoid paying costs out of your commission. Oh, weird, there's that cycle making you look cheap again. Darn. See what we're getting at?Heed our warnings, or you'll become the unfortunate one who ends up releasing a video like the one below, where the 'HD' quality version still looks like it's been shot with a plastic film over the lens. And what's with the driving down the street shot instead of showing the house?! We're going to stop right here...it's too easy to keep going.image courtesy of sheldonschwartz

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