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  • Year End Real Estate Content Rewind!

    The best way to end the year is to look back at it - that's what we're doing with our year-end real estate content rewind! Looking at what you did in the past can give you some great insight into what you can do better moving forward. It can also give you some perspective on what you actually accomplished. Take the wins because it's easy to forget that they happened when you live in the day-to-day of the giant hairball called work. So this is a recap of what we talked about related to real estate marketing in 2022.

    Don't forget to check back next month where we'll offer up our professional predictions for real estate marketing trends in 2023. We're planning on tackling advice about giving up on custom website marketing and why it's a terrible idea to move to a website from corporate. We've also got more to share on some of our own internal software monitoring changes. In addition, this year we'll be talking a lot about SEO for real estate. Especially, why those who stick with the program will ride through this interest rate storm and into a profitable future.

    For now, let's look back at what we wrote in 2022!

    January 2022 - Real Estate Content Rewind

    At the top of the year, we started with a topic that is still at the top of our minds. Real Estate websites from corporate. We talked about all the reasons people get them and all the reasons why serious REALTORS® and brokers shouldn't. Make no mistake this is going to be a huge topic of discussion still in 2023.

    Why? Because there's always a company out there that sells corporate on what technology they've "invented" that can take the place of good old-fashioned consistent work.

    We know how this story ends. For more read below. Finally, for even more, check back next month because we'll be writing about this again to kick off 2023!

    Free Real Estate Websites from Corporate – Good, Bad or Ugly?

    February 2022 - Good Real Estate SEO

    This is an article about the steps it takes to attain a solid start at good real estate SEO. It shows how patterns, consistency, and scheduling contribute to successful campaigns and results.

    Read more about getting started on a healthy SEO program for real estate below:

    Dreams Vs. Actions When it Comes to Real Estate SEO in 2022

    March 2022 - Real Estate Website Reporting

    In the spring we wrote about real estate website reporting. We are big fans of keeping touchpoints open with our customers. This includes reporting on the work that is done regularly both behind the scenes and on the front end of your website.

    We're changing how we report to our customers in 2023, but the philosophy behind why we communicate to our customers remains steadfast! Read more:

    Are real estate SEO reports important?

    April 2022 - Website Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is critical for your website. You wouldn't drive a buyer to a showing in a dirty car, so don't showcase a seller's property on a broken website. In fact, a website that doesn't work on mobile and has no security certificate is the epitome of not doing it right. SSLs are mandatory today and good, regular maintenance on your website is crucial.

    Read more about keeping your website up to date below:

    Website Maintenance for Real Estate Websites

    May 2022 - Choosing A Real Estate Website Provider

    Back in May, we wrote about things to consider when choosing a new real estate website provider. We talked about the benefits of working with a local Canadian provider, and some of the pitfalls of thinking that a niche provider is best.

    Read this if you're thinking of switching real estate website providers in 2023!

    What to look for when choosing a real estate website in Canada.

    June 2022 - Real Estate Content Rewind

    Content will still be king in 2023. In fact, the more meaningful and locally targeted content the more ranking rewards will be reaped.

    Learn all about content marketing for real estate below:

    Why Content Marketing Should Be Your Number One Marketing Spend.

    July 2022 - Real Estate Marketing

    July saw us glimpse into a crystal ball to see a looming recession ahead. As a result, we wrote about where REALTORS® can start to entertain budget cuts. This article includes tips on what good free software solutions are out there and a few other tricks to go lean in preparation for a long road ahead.

    Read more here about real estate marketing:

    Marketing for Real Estate with Tough Times Ahead

    August 2022 - Marketing Costs for REALTORS®

    Inflation was really emerging as the buzzword of August. The cost of food and gas was through the roof and we saw software services begin to increase their rates exponentially. This article tackles inflation and the rising marketing costs for REALTORS®!

    Read more below, because as of December it's only gotten worse!

    Inflation and the Rising Costs of Software For REALTORS ®

    September 2022 - Real Estate Technology

    Age is inevitable but what should you do when your real estate tech gets old? No amount of Botox will fix your old tech. We've got advice in this article about how to evaluate your real estate technology and make improvements without the filler.

    Learn more about aging real estate technology below:

    What To Do With Aging Real Estate Technology?

    October 2022 - Scheduled Maintenance

    Maintenance blocks are important. In October we took a break from writing and posting and focused on technical improvements.

    November 2022 - Google Business for Real Estate

    November saw us revisit the topic of Google Business for real estate and how important Google Business is for your rankings. If you do anything for your business in the coming months make sure you're posting here once per week. It's a minimal amount of work for a very large impact on your search results.

    Read why below and learn more about posting to GB in '23!

    Good Real Estate Marketing is Consistent!

    December 2022 - Real Estate Content Rewind

    And here we are. The end of the year. We hope to bring you more changes, more good content, and more advice in 2023. Real estate marketing will become very important as the industry reels from extraordinarily high-interest rates. The slowdown in sales is evident, so it's a tell-tale sign to increase your marketing presence.

    Having a clear message that will resonate with buyers and sellers in 2023 should be on your list of business to-dos over the holidays!

    Happy holidays everyone - see you in '23! Visit us on Google Business to learn more!

    We aren't the only ones looking back on 2022! Check out the recaps from our MWP customers below! Get in touch with us if you want to add your name to this list!

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