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  • 6 Things Websites for REALTORS® Should Include

    As a REALTOR®, your website is one of the most important aspects of your business. Having a strong online presence equates to a better customer experience, more leads, and a greater platform to establish your brand. However, to achieve this, you must first ensure that your website has what it takes to attract new clients. From optimized content to professional imagery, there’s lots to include on a real estate website. In this article, we will be highlighting six items that websites for REALTORS® need to have. Follow along below to learn more!

    What Features Do Websites for REALTORS® Need?

    • Easy Navigation

    New clients that visit your website need to be able to find the information they are looking for with ease. If it is too difficult, you may risk losing a lead. To avoid this, you want to make sure that it is as simple as possible for users to find information. Having a great menu is a good place to start. Some of the features that your menu should include are an About page, listings, guides (one for buyers and one for sellers), financing, a blog, and a contact page. These are all key items that buyers and sellers will be keen on finding when they visit your website. 

    • Responsive Design

    Responsive design is essential in creating a positive user experience. The design and development of your website should be responsive to the users’ behaviour and environment. One of the most important elements of a responsive website is making sure that it works on all devices—regardless of size or platform. Additionally, a responsive website will entice users to stay for longer. It can also positively improve how potential customers interact with your site. Achieving responsive design is better left to the web nerds; consider getting help from a company like EstateVue. 

    • A Contact Form

    What’s a website if users can’t get in touch with you? Having a contact form is of the utmost importance on your website. A good contact form can help you organize client inquiries, gather information about the client’s interests, and gain new business. With the right fields on your contact form, you can impress potential clients by tailoring the experience to their needs. 

    Other Must-Have Items

    • Great Imagery

    Another key item that a real estate website needs is great imagery. When it comes to selling homes, photos and videos make a big difference. If clients can see the homes that you’ve helped to sell/buy they are more likely to work with you. Furthermore, you could include a featured listings page that shows off some of the listings you're working with right now. Here, you can use some of that awesome photography/videography to entice buyers to visit your property. Moreover, since most people begin their search for real estate online, your listings must have good imagery. 

    • SEO Content

    Optimized content is a no-brainer when it comes to real estate web design. If you want your website to rank higher in search results, then SEO is a great place to start. Successful SEO begins with the creation of interesting/useful content. Then an expert can go through and optimize the post so that your website is more easily found. Over time, SEO is a great lead-generation strategy that your business will benefit from for years. 

    • Listing Search Tool

    Not all users who visit your website will go there to search for listings. However, it’s good to have the option. A listing search tool with advanced filter options is a great way for potential clients to narrow their search. This can help them come up with shortlists of properties they’d like to view or comparable listings. Having filters such as property type, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, price, amenities, neighbourhood, lot size, and outdoor space can be extremely helpful!

    Contact us About Websites for REALTORS® 

    For real estate agents, a great website is a must-have item. With more and more people beginning their real estate journey online, your digital presence is key. To make the best impression possible, your website must include some of the above features. 

    Are you ready to start building websites for REALTORS®? Give us a call or chat with us now to get started! Be sure to visit our blog again next month for more content like this. We look forward to working with you soon!

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