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  • Enable/Disable Walkscore

    If you have walkscore enabled for your listings, visitors will be able to see data gathered by walkscore.com that shows a property's "walkability".  EstateVue can't guarantee the accuracy of walkscore.com's data, but it is a fun way to show some extra value for your listings.You may decide you don't want walkscore displayed on your...

    “Sub Area”Footer Links

    Enabling Sub Area footer links on your website has two benefits:
    1. Visitors can search for properties in their preferred neighborhood simply by clicking it from the footer.
    2. Your website will become more likely to appear in search engine results for those sub areas.
    Here's how to enable/disable footer links:

    How to Make a Flourishing Real Estate Web Design

    The Market is changing day by day and when it comes to the real estate industry - you can see a drastic change in this sector. As far as property advertisement is concerned, Real estate web design is a crucial element of your business strategy in this rapidly changing market.  The first and most important...

    Publishing Sold Listings

    Here are some simple instructions on how to display sold listings or republish listings on your website.
    1. Login to your EstateVue Admin Panel. ev-login
    2. Then in the menu on the left hand side click on "Listings" and then "Manage Featured Listings." listings

    Testimonial: Cyndi Crossley

    Hey Mark. Have to pass this along. Had a ph call this morning from a local businessman. He said he went onto my website and said its the best one he's seen for a long time.And he said its straight and direct.So had to pass that along to you there as its all your background...

    Testimonial – Karen Elliot CIR

    Hello CoryThank you for the follow up.  Everything went very well with Mark and the transition of my domain name and creation of new website. So far everything is working great, and I like that I have the ability to change words, etc.I have passed on your information to 1/2 a dozen realtors already, so...

    Brokerage: Lead Management

    Broker owners and administrators can decide who will receive leads generated from their corporate site's listings and contact forms. You can choose any number of the following recipients: (more…)...

    Page Backup

    You can easily make a backup of any page on your EstateVue Agent website, and revert the page to its backup at any time. Here's how: (more…)...

    The House Tracker: Explained

    Scouring office listings every day to see if anything interesting or affordable has appeared... it can get pretty boring.  So we're thinking, whey not let EstateVue do it for you?The EstateVue House Tracker is a feature of our Listings Search tool that will remember your search criteria and search for you, sending you a weekly...

    Walkscore Now Available

    EstateVue just added a Walkscore® tab to our property details pages.Viewers will see a summary of the neighborhood, with distances to all the local amenities.  Visit walkscore.com to learn more about this service, or check it out on any of your properties.Let us know what you think of this new feature by emailing

    Successful Kiosk Installation!

    EstateVue has just deployed our Interactive and TV Kiosk solutions to Royal LePage in Kamloops, BC!We are so excited to see this powerhouse technology in use in their kiosk, located in a central commercial hub.Visitors to their mall kiosk will be able to search listings live on an interactive touchscreen station, or view them on...

    Brokerage: TV and Interactive Kiosks

    You can change your Kiosk settings, change background images, and add/configure advertising by logging into your EstateVue control panel and following the menu to Plus > Kiosks. (more…)...

    Adding Video to a Listing

    You can add videos to your EstateVue listings to generate interest and increase exposure. Here's how:
    1. Upload your video to YouTube, then visit the page for that video.  Highlight then Copy (Ctrl-C) the video page's URL from your browser's address bar.  The URL should look something like this:https://youtu.be/In_hPY_YFxO
    2. Log into your Manage Featured Listings page, and click...

    Support Testimonial: T.S. – RE/MAX

    Mark,You are the best!! I truly appreciate all of your efforts in making our new website perfect for us!I love the fact that you guys are always trying to improve your product - and your customers experience.We will be sure to refer you to anyone that is looking for a top quality website!Have a great...

    Testimonial: Derek Martin – RE/MAX Kelowna

    Estatevue’s product has made a big difference in our ability to market and client’s properties and has given us a powerful tool to capture new business and listings. One of the great features about this product is the customizable PDF background for the listing details;In 5 or 10...

    Testimonial: C.C. – Royal LePage

    I can’t say enough good things about the Estate Vue 360 degree software and photography services. In my opinion photos are a huge part of the marketing plan when it comes to Real Estate, why not have the best in the business on your side with such reasonable rates? Nothing I have seen comes close...

    Testimonial: W.B. – Coldwell Banker

    Finally we have found someone who understands what it takes to make homes look great on film and on the web. Your expertise has helped showcase our homes and in turn lead to faster sales which means higher sale prices for our clients. Thank you.W.B. – Coldwell Banker

    Testimonial: T.K. – RE/MAX

    I like the fact that your solutions are fresher and smoother than any of the others I have tried for about the same price. You have a grasp of the technology to present a home well, and your solutions require less time and effort on my part.T.K. – RE/MAX

    Testimonial: S.H. – RE/MAX

    The personal service is great. You guys have taken my suggestions and “issues” and resolved them quickly and professionally. I always feel like you are working as part of my team to help deliver a great solution to my business and therefore to my clients.S.H. – RE/MAX

    Testimonial: R.J. – Royal LePage

    You have the best product of any I have looked at, and when you factor in the price, the personalized service, and the fact you are local, it was a no-brainer for me. I am striving to provide my clients with the best service, and your products fit in with that, at a price that...

    Testimonial: A.H. – RE/MAX

    This spring I needed to update and redevelop my website after meeting with several companies I decided to invest with Atomic 55 Internet Technologies Inc. They were an innovative team who demonstrated the ideas and organization in getting the job done in a timely manner. The team at atomic 55 assisted in obtaining and organizing...

    Using the Listings Search Tool

    EstateVue's new search tool is a powerful, fun, and easy way to search through listings and view all their details.  If you want this tool integrated seamlessly into your EstateVue site for free, just contact [email protected].  Below is an overview of some of its features.

    Photography Testimonial: Gary&Glenna Yoshida

    Hello Steve,Thank you, Steve, for the excellent collection of pictures. You perfectly captured the fresh, open feeling we want to convey, and managed to make every room feel airy and expansive.We admire and gratefully appreciate your skill and know it will undoubtedly be a major contributor in the sale of our home.Best regards,Gary & Glenna...

    Update: Inactive Listings in Matrix

    Dear EstateVue Clients,If your listings are automatically updated by EstateVue, this concerns you:EstateVue has changed the way we display inactive listings from Matrix.If a listing on Matrix becomes inactive (usually when it is sold), the listing will now be hidden and disabled from automatic updates in EstateVue. Visitors will not see hidden listings, but they...

    New EstateVue Support Hours

    Good news for anyone with EstateVue questions:Our support hours have changed to offer you more immediate service!  Our Live Support is now available every weekday from 12pm to 5pm.  This means faster responses to your calls and emails, and more flexible hours for training!Of course, you can always feel free to leave a message or...