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  • The House Tracker: Explained

    house trackerScouring office listings every day to see if anything interesting or affordable has appeared... it can get pretty boring.  So we're thinking, whey not let EstateVue do it for you?The EstateVue House Tracker is a feature of our Listings Search tool that will remember your search criteria and search for you, sending you a weekly report of new listings that are relevant to your search.Simply type in the desired location, adjust the parameters to what you'd like to see, and click "GO" to view your results. If you want to be notified of new listings for this search, just click "House Tracker" on the left sidebar and enter your contact information. Now you'll receive weekly updates to your inbox!You can enter as many different searches as you like, and sign up for the House Tracker for each one. You'll receive a separate report for each search you sign up for. If you're an agent, you can even sign up your clients to receive new properties of interest, based on their needs.The recipient of these updates can opt out at any time and stop receiving emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in their weekly report.

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