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  • Adding Text and Photos to a Page

    You can add text and images to your pages with a Text Widget. You can upload and resize photos, change font color / size, and more. Here's how:

    Creating a Text / Photo Element

    1. Create an element to display your text and photos by clicking "Add Element" where you want it to appear.add element
    2. From the panel that appears, click the "Text Widgets" tab and choose the number of columns you want, then click "add".
    3. Your element will appear on the page with some latin text displayed as a placeholder.

    Editing Text Elements

    1. To edit a text/image element, hover over its menu icon on the right, and a menu will appear. Click "Edit Content".edit content
    2. You can now edit the contents of the text element right on the page, using the toolbar to change font size, color, and style.text edit

    Adding Photos

    While editing a text element, you can add a photo by clicking the 'insert image' button. insert image

    1. From the "Insert Image" panel, you can enter an image URL, or choose one from your EstateVue gallery by clicking "Browse Image".
    2. From the EstateVue Library, you can choose or delete images by clicking on them, or you can add new images from your computer by clicking "upload image".
    3. When you've chosen the image you want, adjust its attributes if desired, then click "insert".  Once you have finished all of your changes, click “Save”.
    4. You can then reposition your image in the text element by clicking and draggin it, or resize by clicking the image and dragging the boxes from the edges and corners.
    5. Don't forget to save your text element by clicking the round save button on the editor toolbar.

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