This spring I needed to update and redevelop my website after meeting with several companies I decided to invest with Atomic 55 Internet Technologies Inc. They were an innovative team who demonstrated the ideas and organization in getting the job done in a timely manner. The team at atomic 55 assisted in obtaining and organizing the data we needed to put the site together and then further assisted by having the services needed under their own umbrella from creative writing to photography they looked after the details and were eager discuss the dynamics of my business to see if they were missing any servicing details they could further provide. I was very pleased with the follow up and training they provided after the site was launched it has been very easy to manage and maintain. With the leading edge technology they provide with EstateVue it will assist me in marketing my business for years to come and I look forward to continue building my business through the use and continued development of theirs.A.H. – RE/MAX Kelowna