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  • Brokerage: Managing Agent Profiles

    To edit agent profiles, add new agents, update photos and information, or change the filtering options of your agents page, log in to your EstateVue control panel and follow the menu to Pages > Corporate > Manage Agents.*NOTE: To use this feature, the EstateVue Corporate module must be enabled for your site*

    Manage Agents

    1. Click an agent's name to edit their profile.
    2. Search for an agent by entering their name or email address into these fields.
    3. Add a new agent by clicking "Add / New", or remove an agent by checking the box next to their name, then clicking "Remove".
    4. Click these icons to preview the agent's "Website Address" and "My Listing Address" entered in the agent profile.

    Edit / Add New Agent

    1. Select a tab to enter information. "Personal Information" is the main tab, but you can also select specialties and languages or enter a description by clicking the respective tab.
    2. Enter the information into the fields as you'd like it to appear.
    3. Enter URLs for the agent's web site, and listings page (if applicable). These must be valid URLs beginning with "https://"
    4. Click "Browse" to upload an agent photo from your computer. *NOTE: we recommend you pre-size your photos to fit the recommended dimensions, otherwise photos may appear stretched or cropped*
    5. Click "Update" to save any changes, including photos. You may need to refresh your browser for changes to appear after update. Clicking "Reset" will revert all changes to the last Update.

    Changing the Default Agent Filter

    You may wish to change the way agents are sorted on your agents page. To do this, log into your EstateVue Control Panel, then click "Tools"

    1. Click the "Corporate Module" tab.
    2. Select your default filter preference from the drop-down. You can also change where the "Office Listings" link will take visitors in the field above.
    3. Click "Update" to save changes.

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