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  • Monthly Archives: November 2011

    #Winning @NARAnnual

    What a Blast! We would like to start off thanking all of you for your support and participation up to and including the great weekend we had at NAR this year. We had high expectations, but we definitely exceeded these and can't wait to come back for seconds next year. We met some great...

    Home Wrecker

    In the realm of real-estate, there are always going to be properties that will be difficult to sell. This being said, amazing homes are also at potential risk to be a failed sale depending on various elements. Obviously the one of the most important details is to have a real-estate agent who can draw clientele,...

    Getting Digital

    Yesterday we did a posting about the importance of being savvy in the way of social media, digital marketing, and all around being "with it". Today, we're going to follow that up with some more information to get you on the digital freeway to excellence. What do we mean by this? Well, let's delve right...

    A Piece of Advice

    Some days we come at you with news, others we have some gossip, maybe some cool architecture, but today we have some advice for you cyberspace roamers. Ironically enough, this advice is about cyberspace, the internet, mobile apps, social media, the whole 9 yards.In our searches, there seems to be more and more information in...

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    This post honestly is a big jumble of everything we found interesting going on in the real-estate world as of late. A theme or general premise just seemed to hard to stamp on all these great findings, so why not just get them all in one spot: right here!Technology is a continuous advancement which expands...

    Bargain Shopping

    Over time, people run into great deals in every industry. For those of you who specialize in real-estate, there are a few pretty crazy deals out there right now, waiting for you to sink your teeth into them. The state of the US real-estate market is not improving, and is not showing any signs that...


    The question people ask themselves time and time again is how they can gain more distance with their website or other digital marketing. Take it from us, it isn't something that everybody is good at, which is why we've decided to share some words of wisdom with you on how to effectively use social media...

    Tasting Success

    Our searches came back with a relatively unexpected theme this week. Whether they were stories of personal achievements or ways to develop your own means, success would appear to be the underlying theme of this week's post.We all know that the fall is a slow-period in the market. That's why we're excited to share this...

    Making The Best Of It

    We realize that the fall can be a slow time as a realtor. The weather turns colder, people aren't as open to cruising around looking at or attending open houses all day, and with Thanksgiving and Halloween thrown into the mix, people are just straight up busy. How can you capitalize on this slower time...

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