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  • Tasting Success

    Our searches came back with a relatively unexpected theme this week. Whether they were stories of personal achievements or ways to develop your own means, success would appear to be the underlying theme of this week's post.We all know that the fall is a slow-period in the market. That's why we're excited to share this great piece of information with you: 21 Ways To make Your Home Sell Faster! There are some seriously useful tips in here that could potentially improve your selling situation this time of year. Some methods seem unconventional, but everything's worth a shot right?!One of the most stand-out pieces of news we sunk our teeth into this week is a really motivational story about a Calgarian man who has achieved his success in a very uncanny way. Bob Dhillon (I know, right?!), is known for being an insanely busy man in the property industry. Bob buys "pieces of art" as he calls them, not buildings, then proceeds to re-model, renovate, and all-around improve these properties before putting them on the market for re-sale. He is a cancer survivor who came from very little money and grew up in a rough end of town, who now has two mobile phones going at all times and works a self-proclaimed 80 hours a week...definitely a must-read story.On another positive note, and since good news comes in three's (so they say), this last article is adding proof to the fact that the real-estate industry is picking up in BC. Yay! According to this Vancouver Sun article, Vancouver's real-estate prices have gone up 7.5% this past year. Definitely great news, and maybe even an indicator to finally look into putting your place on the market. Heck, use this as motivation to try out the 21 Ways To make Your Home Sell Faster!

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