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  • In the realm of real-estate, there are always going to be properties that will be difficult to sell. This being said, amazing homes are also at potential risk to be a failed sale depending on various elements. Obviously the one of the most important details is to have a real-estate agent who can draw clientele, entice the buyer, and efficiently close the sale. Second would be to have a home set up in an eye-catching and appealing manner. For instance, to have it decorated for viewings, maybe a fresh coat of paint that you never got around to before, etc. The list of variables can most certainly be a long one. However, there are definitely elements that get overlooked and can throw a wrench in your gears.A recent Zillow article quite successfully covered four key points that can certainly wreck deals. These four were: Roofing, Electrical, Structural and Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS). These may seem obvious now that they're laid out on front of you, but they frankly get missed quite frequently. A definite contributing factor that can encompass essentially all of these problems is a very evil two letter work: Grow-ops. Grow-ops are a home buyer/seller/renovator/practically everybody's worst nightmare. A document produced my Schumacher Realty covers, in a very detailed manner, nearly all you need to know about grow-ops in homes, and how to avoid encountering issues or how to spot them. To give you an idea of how problematic and frequent grow-ops are, check out this article on their impact in Las Vegas. photo courtesy of Rhys Asplundh

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