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  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink

    This post honestly is a big jumble of everything we found interesting going on in the real-estate world as of late. A theme or general premise just seemed to hard to stamp on all these great findings, so why not just get them all in one spot: right here!Technology is a continuous advancement which expands at an exponential rate and is improving/accelerating nearly every industry and taking them to the next level. It seems as though real-estate industry is starting to finally play along to this trend. Re-Max just released an iPad application, which has made it one of the very first in the industry to do so, and the reactions are great so far. Having only been launched a few days ago, it has already had several thousand downloads with users and realtors alike giving very positive feedback. Zillow has also launched their own application for the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which was just released in the United States.On a completely different note, we found this really cool article on the 9 most unique hotels according to CNN's findings. Some of which consist of a cliff, a Boeing 747 and room with a slanted floor. Definitely an interesting read that is bound to get your gears going on other off the wall ideas for hotel placements.Keeping things broad-spectrum, we found this very interesting article talking about how Québec is threatening to withdraw from the Canadian Real Estate Association. Who would've thought that signing the papers was only a mid-way point in the home buying process?! photo courtesy of Yutaka Tsutano

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