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  • A Piece of Advice

    Some days we come at you with news, others we have some gossip, maybe some cool architecture, but today we have some advice for you cyberspace roamers. Ironically enough, this advice is about cyberspace, the internet, mobile apps, social media, the whole 9 yards.In our searches, there seems to be more and more information in regards to real estate agents and industry being behind the times when it comes to getting "digital". A perfect example is an article we found making a comparison with how behind the real-estate agency is to the Salvation Army's new technological innovation (accepting donations via credit card with smartphones!). According to this source, there are only 50% of REALTORS® who use social media... That's insane! We've got to get with the program here, especially considering that this statistic is even lower than the population of adults online (66%). We truly can't stress enough how important social media and getting integrated into the digital world is.Once you've completed your immersion into the digital void that is the internet, we can start exploring further terminology that you should (or shouldn't) be using on your social media platforms or in your listings. the main thing to avoid: industry jargon (MLS, CMA, etc.). Why? Because frankly, the general public will have no clue what you're talking about, and they're the ones you want to be reaching out to and interacting with online to try and generate leads/clientele. After all, there's no reason you should be creating a bridge between yourself and potential clients (pun fully intended). photo courtesy of Dennis Mojado

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