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    Over time, people run into great deals in every industry. For those of you who specialize in real-estate, there are a few pretty crazy deals out there right now, waiting for you to sink your teeth into them. The state of the US real-estate market is not improving, and is not showing any signs that it will any time soon. The home-ownership numbers are the lowest they've ever been since the great depression...As a bi-product of this downward sloped market, there are some serious deals going on that will make you re-read the titles of these articles.If you've ever thought of moving to the US, then funny enough, this may actually be the time to do it. Reason: the price is sooo right! Right now you can get a foreclosed home for only $100 down! Yes, that's right, $100! how insane of a deal is that?! The one restriction they do have is that the home buyer must in fact inhabit the residence (we're assuming this parameter is in place to prevent "flipping"). However, if you are looking to do some property investment, word in the street is that Las Vegas is primed and ready for Canadian investments.On the topic of buying new homes, we found a couple articles that could be conducive to more effective purchases. For starters, this "home buying tips" article can be a good reference on how to make sure you're being fairly quoted and that your money is being well spent...unless of course you go out on a limb like these guys and add a $93,500 "sweetener" to the deal. This article on home design should also provide some productive ideas to future home owners who normally wouldn't consider taking their age and health into account when making a purchase. Definitely a different approach, but very intuitive none the less.

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