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  • Monthly Archives: May 2011

    200 Largest Brokerages in Canada

    We would like to extend a big congratulations to all of those brokerages who made it to the ‘200 largest brokers in Canada’ list. We noticed some valued clients on there, and we are very excited to see brokers on the list that are close to home. This list was composed by Real Trends and...

    Get Your Spy On

    Inman News published an article called “Spy on Your Real Estate Competition.” Well naturally, we are entertained by the underhanded tactics some people will use to generate sales and grab clients. In reading this article, we discovered to our dismay that the tactics they suggest aren’t that cutthroat at all; so unfortunately for us, no...

    Canada’s First’Green Home’Evaluation

    Canada’s first home to be evaluated for energy and water conservation is getting the full assessment on its effectiveness in promoting sustainable living.Heathwood Homes revealed the home in The Reserve, a luxury home development in Richmond Hill, Ontario and features a long list of ‘green’ additions. Construction Canada cites the main ecological features of the...

    EstateVue Directory Solutions

    We know you’re excited, but maybe a little confused? So let’s break it down for you real easy. Any way you word it though, it means fame and fortune. And by ‘fame and fortune’ we mean a boost in marketing while keeping costs low… exaggerate much? traffic for your real... 				</div>
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    Ten Easy and Cheap Ways to Kick Up Curb Appeal

    Canadian Real Estate magazine cites the ten ways to make a home more sellable. To extend the helpful read to our clients and followers we overview them here, while adding our own twist (as always).1. Give it a little wash: A pressure wash of the home’s façade and a good scrub of the windows will...

    Location, Location, Location

    An article in the Globe and Mail reviews the different types of homes that can be bought with a $600,000 housing budget. The range of sizes and amenities available for this price reaffirms that location is and always will be one of the most influential factors on the price of a home. But of course...

    The Kiosk: Set Yourself Apart

    real estate kiosk technologyThe kiosk is EstateVue’s answer to 2011, so if you’re not even gonna ask the question well then obviously you’re stuck in the past. Paper is dead. So those giant windows with your printed listings splayed across in a seemingly organized fashion hanging...

    The Biggest House in Canada is a Pain to Sell

    best real estate web pages canadaWhile doing the daily browse for real estate news, we came upon an update on the biggest house Canada. What about it? No one really wants it. Well we shouldn’t say that… no one wants it ENOUGH to shell out the...

    QR Codes for Real Estate

    EstateVue is proud to announce the new release of the QR Code feature! qrcodes for realtorsAlthough still a quite unfamiliar term to many people, the QR code itself is quite recognizable; you’ve probably seen it before.What many of you might not realize is that this square-shaped symbol...

    What’s New at EstateVue?

    We know we’ve been pumping you with new updates that you may glance at and never think of again. Okay maybe we haven’t been shouting it from the rooftops, that’s not exactly our style. But for all our clients (and potentials) out there, we thought you might really benefit from having all this info put...

    The Royal Wedding… or A Tropical Island?

    Okay, so hopefully most of you royal wedding fans have settled back into normal every day life after watching the major event this past Friday. We didn't happen to catch it live on TV, valid reasons for missing work over here unfortunately don't include viewing television coverage of royal nuptials. Luckily for us, they had...

    Cheers! The Birth of a New Blog

    After some preparation and much discussion, EstateVue has made the decision to launch a new blog site. We hope you've already taken notice since you're obviously already on it. Pretty nice right? Expect a load of real estate info coming your way, updates on our company, maybe a few pop culture stories too keep it...