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  • The Kiosk: Set Yourself Apart

    real estate kiosk technologyThe kiosk is EstateVue’s answer to 2011, so if you’re not even gonna ask the question well then obviously you’re stuck in the past. Paper is dead. So those giant windows with your printed listings splayed across in a seemingly organized fashion hanging from dinky pieces of scotch tape, really? If the only way we describe it was in an awkwardly long sentence like that, well that’s a sign… simplify! Ditch that out-dated mode of showing your listings, its ugly. Luckily EstateVue flows with the times, and has solutions that belong in the year we’re in. The kiosk, to put it simply, is just better.

    We’re kind of overachievers too so we offer two different kinds depending on what you need.The TV Kiosk for our clients who are looking for a simple and sleek option to get their listings shown in this big, bad world or ours. When we say simple, we really mean it. Once you’ve got a handsome flatscreen, the work is all on us. Our TV Kiosk management software allows brokers to display listings with price, address, agent name and contact information in all its glory.

    Our custom graphics department works to tailor the background to your specifications and aesthetic needs so that your listings aren’t just shown, they’re showcased. As an added bonus, there is the option to advertise on your screen, giving you the chance to take in some extra revenue without lifting a finger. You would never have this kind of marketing opportunity with the old way. Have you ever had someone come up to you saying, “I was wondering if you could print out my picture and just stick it up on your wall there… I’ll pay you.” I plead you to contact us ASAP if that has in fact happened, we’d like to take a little looky-loo and see if this person is still in business, likely not.

    These days everything is up on a screen, and that’s exactly where all of your client’s homes deserve to be presented, in high resolution mind you. In terms of placement, there is a host of possibilities; any public place that a flatscreen might be suitable. We recommend malls, boardrooms, lobbies, sales centers, airports, hotels, waiting rooms, but we’re open to more suggestions (the police station might be pushing it).

    Now, the interactive touchscreen kiosk is just impressive. We advocate our precious TV kiosks because they really turn up the level of professionalism for any broker, but the interactive touchscreen kiosks are definitely for those who have a point to prove. And usually that point is along the lines of, “we’re the best, and we’ve got the goods to prove it.” Simple as that. We all have a little 4-year-old side to us that just wants to touch everything, so naturally we had to cater to that. Our interactive kiosks provide the opportunity to visitors to search for specific real estate listings using the touchscreen, which is both convenient and easy to use.

    In addition, these kiosks provide real-time generation leads, which is really what kicks it up for real estate agents. The presence of these kiosks in high-traffic areas creates a buzz and stirs curiosity, which boosts awareness for your agents and their listings. We customize the shells (which are on warranty) for these marketing beasts so you can really drive your brand out to the public, and their slim-profile allows you to place several in one location. We can’t forget to mention that visitors can contact realtors on the spot, so you have the opportunity to snatch up potential clients on the spot, when the interest is at its peak! And of course once again, you have the chance to display ads for your brokerage and agents. We’re a marketing firm, finding and creating marketing opportunities is what we do! Oh and finally, being the considerate people we are, we won’t just toss some state-of-the-art equipment at you and wish you a good day. We will work with you from start to finish tailoring the machines to your specs and even help you negotiate the best price for your lease at the prime placement spot. We’ll get it set up in shopping malls, airports, hotels, and tourist spots while you reap the rewards of this worthy investment.Okay, so here’s the final obligatory sales pitch, and then we’ll call it a day.

    The days of pinning up printed copies of listings have met their end. When a potential buyer is looking at your house, do you trash it and throw garbage around the floors? You obviously take pride in the homes you show, then whyyyyyy would you print them off on a piece of flimsy paper and stick it up on your window? Not to mention the accumulated trash of throwing them out once you sell a home (global warming anyone?). Both kiosk options offer extreme value to your business, with the main difference being between just seeing or touching. However what they both have in common is that they are modern, sexy and ‘green’ conscious. That’s not everything we have to say about these things, but we’ll stop before it becomes a book. For more details about pricing, affordable lease options, custom graphics, or a demo, be sure to contact us (please do, we love to tell people about them).

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