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  • Category Archives: Newest EstateVue Features

    New Feature – Custom Neighbourhood Data Map

    We have another addition to our ever-growing library of features in our EstateVue Wordpress plugin, our Custom Neighbourhood Data Map. This map can be custom made to show neighbourhoods and their listings in any city, with real time data taken directly from the CREA DDF (Unified Data Feed), on any Wordpress website. If you’re looking to...

    New Feature – Polygon Search Tool

    We have a new feature integrated into our software that allows us to show properties in a specific area on a map. This is great for agents looking to target specific neighbourhoods, or even developments in your city. For example, if you specialize in listings for a golf course development, you can draw the polygon...

    Improved Facebook Integration

    Our WeBuild product now has improved Facebook integration!  WeBuild sites now support Facebook Page integration (so you can attach your Facebook business page without displaying your personal profile information).  Here's how:
    1. Log into your EstateVue WeBuild admin, and click "Preview Site" to get to the homepage
    2. Click the "Add a Site" button from the footer.
    3. ...

    Social Share Tool

    Social media is the primal force behind modern marketing strategies, and now with EstateVue’s new Social Share Tool, using it to promote your listings has never been easier. The Social Share Tool is a fully integrated component added to your listings allowing the freedom to instantly connect and share your listing(s) through the most popular...

    EstateVue Presents: The Dashboard

    In any business communication is key. Balls getting dropped and memo’s getting missed just won’t cut it when you’re running a well-oiled machine, but never fear – we have the perfect solution. The Dashboard by EstateVue is the ultimate engine to run your business and to keep everyone on point. The Dashboard is an internal...

    Single Page Property Website

    This exciting new listing tool allows us to develop a customized website specific to the house that is being sold.  To learn more about this exciting marketing tool please click here....

    Calgary Regional Search Tool

    This exclusive EstateVue search tool allows clients searching for property in Calgary to break down the city into its respective quadrants and neighbourhoods.   By leveraging this exclusive tool, people will flock back to your website to search for properties.  Increase your leads and your exposure by using the exclusive Calgary Regional Search Tool.Search by QuadrantPick...

    Social Media with True Site Integration

    When people are visiting your site, how would you like to keep them there rather than having them re-direct off to Facebook or Twitter?  Now you have full control through our innovative Social Media Portal.  With our Social Media Portal we keep every visitor right where you want them – in your site!Social Media Portal

    Real Estate House Tracker

    EstateVue House TrackerBeing able to track new real estate listings and price changes to properties that come on the market has never been easier.  Simply sign up and you will be able to manage your profile to ensure you receive the latest updates.  The EstateVue House Tracker has shown to improve reach by up to...

    Instant Chat Tool For Your Website

    The coming of the digital age has given us the power to instantly connect with those important to us, and now we’re taking that one step further with the new Instant Chat Tool. This interactive real estate messenger feature is designed to keep you in touch with your clients and for them to keep in...

    SEO Listing Tools For websites

    Our search engine optimized listing tools are designed with Google and the other major search engines in mind.    We have carefully programmed our toolset to work in conjunction with Google’s white papers and SEO strategies.  For example, every listing that you see in our tool is completely “indexible” and can be viewed as a standalone...

    Infinite Widget Styling on Search and custom websites

    EstateVue’s commitment to versatile technology is unparalleled, which is why we’ve taken our listing widgets to the next level. No matter what branding scheme you or your brokerage may have, our fully custom listings widget allows for specific colour schemes and sizes to be applied in an unlimited number of combinations. This infinite styling ability...

    Mobile Friendly Real Estate Websites

    Mobile friendly browsing is one of the most important features required of a modern website. Not only are EstateVue sites mobile friendly, they’re seamlessly tailored to provide the same unique desktop viewing experience and features to your clients with the convenience of viewing on their mobile devices. Our mobile friendly EstateVue sites are also designed...

    New Design Commitment (0 Day Shelfware)

    EstateVue is all about providing the best we’ve got the second we get it, and that’s exactly what we do with our new site designs. We provide our clients with beautiful real estate websites and are never short on regularly updated designs. We release new and dynamic templates every chance we get, so checking our...

    The Kiosk: Set Yourself Apart

    The kiosk is EstateVue’s answer to 2011, so if you’re not even gonna ask the question well then obviously you’re stuck in the past. Paper is dead. So those giant windows with your printed listings splayed across in a seemingly organized fashion hanging from dinky pieces of scotch tape, really? If the only way we...