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  • EstateVue Presents: The Dashboard

    In any business communication is key. Balls getting dropped and memo’s getting missed just won’t cut it when you’re running a well-oiled machine, but never fear – we have the perfect solution. The Dashboard by EstateVue is the ultimate engine to run your business and to keep everyone on point. The Dashboard is an internal communication tool providing interconnectedness throughout your entire business; from peer to peer, broker to agent, and even between clients. From the dashboard, all users can keep up to date with important dates via the shared calendar, new listings, articles, memos, direct messages, or virtually any update other participants or admins contribute, keeping everybody (literally) in the same page. Users have the freedom to highlight or favourite any and all materials pertaining to them, ensuring once again that everybody is moving forward with their details in order, and with a common goal in mind. Whether you’re sharing files, reviewing new listings, sharing articles and news, or sharing a calendar event with your peers, The Dashboard does it all, and does it great, ensuring you never miss a beat again. Links – Just when you thought the days of saving magazine clips for your colleagues and photocopying them by the dozen and into the digital age of website bookmarks couldn’t get any better – it did. The Dashboard has a links management service which allows super admins to add articles for all to see, or for agents and colleagues to share with each-other as well. All links can be favourited and saved, as well as categorized in a customizable way so every user can tailor the service to their preference. Saving and sharing articles and pages with your colleagues has never been so easy. Kiss the days of mass e-mails and bulletin boards goodbye and make way for The Dashboard. Files – Whether it’s a spreadsheet, word doc, PDF, or other file type, sharing your files has never been so easy. Instantly upload your files for your colleagues to see and share, or access important documents added by the super admin to make sure you never miss a beat. The Dashboard also allows the customizability everybody dreams of by including folder management features giving each user the unique ability to categorize their files as they please – one of the many friendly features of The Dashboard. News – Nobody likes being out of the loop. Ever. So to make sure you’re always on point and up to date, we’ve made it so you need one news source – period. The Dashboard is a single point of contact for all the latest and greatest news related to your industry. Super admins and users alike are able to share articles for all to see, as well as having the benefit of saving favourites and organizing them info folders for your convenience. Sharing news and staying in the loop has never been so easy. Calendar – Having an organized calendar is arguably one of the most important components to keeping everything running smooth, whether you’re an agent or a broker. Being disorganized is also one of the worst feelings you can have as a professional, because even the notion of missing a meeting can lead to some sleep-loss. So, what did we do about it? We created the most customizable and organizable calendar imaginable, tailored specifically to your real-estate needs. Our colour-coded interface makes it easy to categorize and divide your appointments, events, parties, birthdays, and everything in between. There’s even a category for shared events, taking your connectivity, yet again, one step further, while providing the convenience of viewing your schedule by the day, week, or month. To create an event, simply select the date, time, location, recurrence, and colour-code, and voila! Your perfectly organized, colour-coded, custom view event is ready to go. Sharing events with your colleagues is now only a click away thanks to The Dashboard. Need & Trade – Have you ever wondered to yourself “Gee, I wonder if there’s someone with the perfect listing for my client.” But never knew how to act on this idea? Well, we’re here to tell you that now you can with The Dashboard’s Need & Trade tool. Simply send requests that reach your colleagues with details of what you’re looking for, whether you wish to trade the listing or not, and see what comes back. Now you’ll never be out of touch with exactly what’s out there, and with whoever’s got it, pushing you one step closer to finding your client their perfect home. Favourite Listing – Every agent takes part in the daily battle for the perfect listing, and though this may not be an easy task, we just made it a whole lot easier. The Dashboard is not only capable of sharing and live-updating all listings on the MLS, but also provides you with the convenient freedom of archiving appealing listings in the Favourite Listings feature. Now, you’ll never lose track of your findings, while also seeing live changes that are made to any listings you decide to save. The search for the perfect listing has never been so simple. Contact Realtor – When you’re looking for results, you need prompt answers; so to take some of the heat off, we’ve created an agent to agent messaging system that’s bound to get you hard fast results. The Dashboard’s Contact Realtor tool is an internal communication tool allowing agents and brokers to contact eachother directly about any and all listings to get near-instant results - because when you’re trying to make a sale, time is always of the essence. Time is money, so let us save you some time, and leave you to take care of what you do best – sell real estate. Search Listing/Listing Preview – Thanks to The Dashboard, browsing the MLS has never been easier. Not only are you able to favourite your listings, you can complete a precisely refined search based on location, subarea, price range, bedroom/bathroom number, keywords, MLS ID#. Property type, and even the year built. The search feature also has two unique viewing layouts, where the listings can be viewed horizontally with more in-depth descriptions of the properties, or tiled with only prominent details listed, for those more intensive searches. The listings also have their own unique preview pop-up which provides the agent with any detail their heart desires without losing where they were in their search. We really meant it when we said searching listings has never been so simple. Compose Message – An open line of communication, whether it’s peer to supervisor or peer to peer, is a vital component to any business model. We decided to take it a step further and make everybody a literal click away. The Messaging feature allows all agents and brokers to contact eachother within the The Dashboard, as well as providing users the ability to send outbound messages to clients or other e-mail addresses. We’ve also integrated a notification feature that sends each user an e-mail notification for each new message they receive on their Dashboard account, ensuring nothing gets missed. True connectivity – courtesy of EstateVue.

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