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    We know we’ve been pumping you with new updates that you may glance at and never think of again. Okay maybe we haven’t been shouting it from the rooftops, that’s not exactly our style. But for all our clients (and potentials) out there, we thought you might really benefit from having all this info put into cute little package for you to really get to know how fast things are moving here. All of you who couldn’t care less about this stuff… we’ll toss in a few sassy comments here and there in case you happen to be an avid sarcasm connoisseur.Kiosks: Alright, might not exactly be the newest thing we’ve busted out of our holster, but still fairly recent and pretty freaking awesome. The TV Kiosk is the most basic type we offer, giving brokers the ability to display recent listings from a flat-screen in any suitable public place. Once you’ve got the hardware (a TV), we’ve got the software totally covered and set up your system with brokerage-wide MLS® listings complete with home price, address, listing agent name and contact information. Of course we didn’t forget those of you out there who want to ramp up your business with every possible bell and whistle in the book. The Interactive Kiosks are a whole other animal completely, essentially creating a station for users to search for specific listings on a touchscreen. These kiosks are easy-to-use and convenient for the user while offering a cost-effective marketing tool for agents and brokers. In case you were wondering, both kiosks allow you to display agent ads with your pretty faces in them, or anyone else’s who will pay you to use your screen (are you hearing cha-ching?!)Directory Technology: Ok let’s avoid getting too technical about this one; we know you’re not interested in hearing about how it works, just how it helps you. Our technology links your EstateVue website and listing platform with the board data in your area, in other words, you have much less work to do. By updating your MLS® data through your feed provider, our technology is prompted to update your website listings instead of you changing the information manually. Just one more thing to make the job easier for busy agents out there looking for a convenient option. Of course it’s great that your website can stay up-to-date with little effort, but with no traffic on the site, it’s more than useless. Our directory advertising allows you to display listings on each board you are approved by. What does this mean for you? More exposure. By having a strong presence on the most visited real estate directories, you can funnel visitors straight to your website. We are constantly finding ways to get your name and your brokerage up to buzzword or even ‘household name’ status, and this is definitely a big one.iPhone/iPad Application: Everyone’s jumping on the app bandwagon, but what kind of innovators would we be if we didn’t create one that offered you much more than what everyone else is doing? EstateVue’s app gives you more than just a tiny spot among hundreds of listings. We actually lead users directly to you and your listings, and allow you to display you or your brokerage’s advertisements to thousands of app users. Buyers have pictures, maps, and contact information right at their disposal to make the house hunt a little more tolerable.Interested in more information about any of these updates? Good, because we have so much more to tell you! Stay on the lookout in the next few days for detailed postings about each of the big-three offerings mentioned here. We couldn’t give you a full description of each in just one posting… you wouldn’t give it all up one the first date would you? If you can’t be bothered to wait, visit www.estatevue.com or contact us directly, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

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