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    We know you’re excited, but maybe a little confused? So let’s break it down for you real easy. Any way you word it though, it means fame and fortune. And by ‘fame and fortune’ we mean a boost in marketing while keeping costs low… exaggerate much?

    traffic for your real estate websiteOur directory technology is a way to generate leads straight to your website and listings. The directory is set up on a targeted domain which is tied into the appropriate data feed for the most up-to-date information. All EstateVue clients that have listings in the data feed will be shown on the directory. This is where you come in! The directories are search engine positioned, and all visitors that come looking for property on these directories will have easy access to your listings. This keeps your name fresh in people’s minds as they go on a serious hunt for real estate and ensures that your listings are easily found. Beyond that, it gives you the opportunity to funnel visitors straight to your website.

    House hunters interested in one of your properties will be redirected straight to your site where you can woo them even further and display all the homes you represent in one easy place. Simple right? The cherry on top of this marketing sundae is that this is exclusive and FREE to all EstateVue clients.

    Directory advertising

    Now if you’re really interested in ramping it up further, we offer the opportunity to distinguish yourself with a branded advertisement to drive even more internet traffic your way. This gives you more exposure to interested buyers and differentiates you just that much more from the rest of the listings up on the directory. You’ve put time and money into your website, why not ensure that you get maximum traffic so house hunters from all over can see it? Just a thought.If you would like to learn more about these great marketing boosters, visit our website or contact us. We can give you all the info you need and get you set up if you’re ready to dive in.

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