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  • The Royal Wedding… or A Tropical Island?

    Okay, so hopefully most of you royal wedding fans have settled back into normal every day life after watching the major event this past Friday. We didn't happen to catch it live on TV, valid reasons for missing work over here unfortunately don't include viewing television coverage of royal nuptials. Luckily for us, they had repeat coverage over and over and over again the entire weekend. So if you had your tube on at any point in the past few days, chances are you saw or heard a little something. Anyway, we'll get to the point. We came across a post by Jay Thompson, a fabulous real estate blogger who did a great job of summing up the cost of this historical wedding in real estate terms. It boggled our minds, more than Princess Beatrice's wedding hat, to think of the property you could buy for the funding they pumped into that one-day event. Don't get us wrong, it IS the royal family... go big or go home, but you could could buy a pretty comfy place for the cost of Kate's dress alone ($434,000). We just find it interesting, and Thompson's blog really made us think... what could you really buy for that amount of cash?Seeing as the most expensive homes in our area cost a drop in the bucket compared to the amount we're talking about, we looked into what owning your own private island is gonna run you these days. Using the minimum estimate of about 34 million for the royal wedding, we discovered that you can be the proud owner of your own island in Mexico or Fiji at a price of 35 million (after a bit of haggling of course). So we ask you, would you rather have that wedding or be the mayor of a plot of land like that? Of course we thought this through, and why not have both? If you're willing to dial it down to a more modest wedding you can buy a private estate on Paradise Island in the Bahamas for 25,000,000. This way you take care of your venue, honeymoon destination, and family home all in one go and have about 9 million leftover for food and a dress. Given the choice, we'd take that option.

    photo courtesy of FreeAussieStock.com

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