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  • The Biggest House in Canada is a Pain to Sell

    best real estate web pages canadaWhile doing the daily browse for real estate news, we came upon an update on the biggest house Canada. What about it? No one really wants it. Well we shouldn’t say that… no one wants it ENOUGH to shell out the hefty price tag. After doing a bit of research we found out that there are quite a few reasons that could account for low interest.

    1. It’s located, umm… somewhere: Haileybury, Ontario (or what some call the Las Vegas of Canada) is 140kms north of North Bay. We need not say much about this, it’s in a town most people haven’t heard of and is far far away from the major cities in the province. Of course many find it ideal to get away from the crowded streets and rude “city” people and have a little oasis of silence to themselves. However, this far away may not be practical enough for most. Most likely, anyone who can afford this type of property will be employed - that’s just an educated guess. But they’ll have to pay for it somehow, with some sort of mogul salary. These tycoons might have to find a way to get back down to civilization for their jobs, so this house is just not sensible. Who should buy this house? Anyone who doesn’t need to commute for their job. Maybe among the likes of the ‘filthy rich and retired’, or ‘I have an inheritance that would make you faint’.

    2. It’s not even finished: This giant mansion, complete with an art gallery, gym, and golf course is an incomplete and abandoned project. There’s a backstory to this, but we won’t get into that. The point is that many rooms still need to be completed, and could cost the new owner about 1 million to finish the house. With an asking price as big as this one, many won’t want to deal with the extra headache. Who should buy this house? Anyone who’s excited about the prospect of one of the biggest fixer-upper projects in history.

    3. It’s kind of expensive: Yes Canada’s biggest home has one of Canada’s biggest asking prices of 25 million. The potential buyer pool is very limited to those who’s titles contain ‘illionaire’in them. And with this property losing points from the remote location and extra work involved, this price tag warrants a house closer to perfection than how it currently stands. Who should buy this house? If we’re getting specific here, an Oscar-winning actor on the lookout for a third home to occupy to stay out of the eyes of the paparazzi… because no one will make that trek to snap a picture.

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