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  • Monthly Archives: December 2011

    Blog Series, Part 4: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    It doesn’t take an expert to distinguish a good website from a bad one. In fact, those who are the least technology-capable will be the best indicators of that. If your website is not easy to navigate and find essential information, it isn’t a good website. Conversely, if all of your information is crowded on...

    Hot and Cold

    In Canada and the United States, we are seeing a very negative trend in the market, and this is not set to improve until well into 2012. The reason these two countries must separately be addressed is due to a difference in declination rate. In fact, most people have been under the assumption as of...

    Blog Series, Part 3: Streamline Your Website

    Assuming you have a website, and you get a top-quality firm to host it, your only job is maintaining it and making sure the content is bang-on. Your marketing firm can only hold your hand so much, and the more hand-holding you get the more it will cost you. So firstly, you have to lay...


    Christmas is only 10 days away, which means that it's about due for a post related to everyone's (well, almost everyone) favourite holiday. Have you been having a hard time to think of a gift for your loved one? Possibly one of your kids/young adults? We have a couple of ideas for you, that may...

    Blog Series, Part 2: Those Precious Photos

    Think of it as the gateway to your listing. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good photograph. If a homebuyer is entrusting you with the proper marketing of their home, it deserves to be displayed with maximum quality and clarity. They didn’t hire a professional to have snapshots taken with a camera phone...

    Blog Series, Part 1: Got A Niche?

    Real estate is your business, so let’s not detract from your ability to buy and sell any kind of home. However, if you have found a certain specialty, use it to your advantage in your marketing. Finding a focus will help prospective clients find more confidence in your ability. The obvious choice would be to...

    New Blog Series Coming Up

    For the following weeks we will be (on top of our other postings) releasing a series of blog posts on how to create an effective realtor image with proper marketing. Why are we doing this?! Because there are people out there who need this information to help drive their business, therefore it may seem that...

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