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  • In Canada and the United States, we are seeing a very negative trend in the market, and this is not set to improve until well into 2012. The reason these two countries must separately be addressed is due to a difference in declination rate. In fact, most people have been under the assumption as of late that the Canadian market is on a rise. Well, CTV News has shared that we are going to (most likely) see a market declination leading well into 2012. Granted, the situation in Canada is not near as severe as that of the US (we'll touch on that in a minute) but this is still quite impactful to hopeful sellers at this point.In the United States, by the end of 2011 (you might want to sit down for this), there is to be an expected loss of $700 billion in housing values. House prices and interest rates are dropping, literally making the lives of people attempting to sell their properties into living nightmare. However, if you are in the property investment business, right now is like having Black Friday sale prices every day!Seeing as the holidays are around the corner and that we're in a giving mood today, we've hunted down some recent "top 10 bargains" articles out for you to take advantage of the slashed pricing that's on our hands! Without further ado...Happy Holidays friends:Top 10 Deals In Canadian Real EstateTop 10 Deals In American Real Estate photo courtesy of incompetech

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