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  • A”Homey”Present

    Christmas is only 10 days away, which means that it's about due for a post related to everyone's (well, almost everyone) favourite holiday. Have you been having a hard time to think of a gift for your loved one? Possibly one of your kids/young adults? We have a couple of ideas for you, that may sound steep at first, but could bring the joy of a lifetime while also providing a good investment.The holidays always put a lot of emphasis on houses, which is something people tend to very easily overlook. Think about it though; the amount of decorating involved around peoples' houses in an effort to make them as festive as possible, the famous Christmas movie houses, the miles and miles of Christmas lights, the lawn statues...it never ends. So why not really get into the theme of houses and giving, and get somebody a house?!According to a CNN Money article, one in five "baby boomer" parents have already given (or given a means to purchase) a house to one of their children. The main reason for this: the extreme low the market prices are at. Why not take advantage of the combination of affordable housing and Christmas cheer to help your kid jump-start into their future?Frightened of the idea still? Don't worry, we even sought out some information on where some truly affordable housing is hiding; around $300,000 actually. This Yahoo Real Estate article examines some very interesting options for housing at the $300,00 mark, and that's without having to move into the woods and live in a shack with an outhouse. These are very appealing properties with great prices and great locations. You can also take this to the next level and look at these "Holiday Homes" as an option for a gift for your favourite Christmas obsessed relative; a little bit over the top, but worth a read and a couple of giggles. photo courtesy of ChristmasStockImages.com

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