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  • Floating House: Take 2

    In one of our previous blog posts, we took a look at a floating house that was constructed in Dubai. Well, as it turns out, there is a floating house on this side of the pond as well...right on Laguna Beach actually. This floating house is quite incredible, as you can literally look through the floors in some areas of the house and have a beautiful view of the ocean. This house is also fully isolated from a "street view" and can only be accessed by an underground passage. The remoteness of this property is said to be one of the most appreciated portions of the property, combined with the obvious fact that it is suspended over the beach providing incredible views of the ocean. On the topic of gorgeous homes, we've decided to show you a few more of our recent findings that fall unto the unique properties category. We found a photo this very obscure pool, that looks like it would belong in the famed Zombie-Proof House. To keep the ball rolling on interesting concrete creations, we had might as well show off this very unique Japanese property that popped up on our radar thanks to this great architecture blog. photo courtesy of  ccharmon

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