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  • Monthly Archives: June 2011

    Vintage Article: Hints for Homeowners

    Here's what was new and innovative in the world of home renos in 1939:The Palm Beach Post. February 5, 1939
    New Asphalt ShingleThe new home owner of today may retain the picturesque charm of a wood-shingle roof and still profit by the durability and insulation provided by ashphalt shingles.This is accompanied thought use...

    Upcoming Trend? Dome Homes

    While it may not be on every residential block, the idea of a ‘dome home’ is becoming more popular, particularly in areas where unforgiving weather conditions are a major factor. The aerodynamic shape makes it sturdier against major storms and less susceptible to tornadoes and hurricanes. Dennis Johnson of Natural Space Domes reported that the...

    Vintage Article: Substantial Support Seen for Real Estate

    Cited below is a real estate article from 1939. We found it interesting:
    Sunday Morning, February 5, 1939. The Palm Beach Post-Times.Substantial Support Seen for Real EstateTwo potent circumstances which should be of substantial support to the current real estate market are point out by David Nelswanger, Topeka Kans., vice president...

    How Much Are You Paying?

    The national apartment market is getting more competitive as the vacancy rate lowers and rented apartments are getting harder to find. The falling vacancy rate is attributed in part to immigration and the stable rate of rental apartment completions while demand rises. The lowest vacancy rates were in Winnipeg and Regina at 0.7%, Quebec City...

    Just For Fun

    Another Friday. Well to reward you for getting through another hard week, we’ll give you a little bit of a break from all the mind-numbing madness of the workplace.We came across this cool loft in Manhattan, New York priced at $1.05 million. The current owner has said that the design is based on the architect...

    Adding a Listing

    This guide only applies if your site doesn't have automated listings enabled (yet). If you need to add a listing to your site, follow these steps: (more…)...

    Testimonial – Kevin Fedak and Cheryl Walker

    Your website is great especially when we do not have to add our listings which saves so much time. There were a few agents in our office who were interested but wanted feedback from Cheryl and myself and all I am going to do is give them the 2 thumbs up and a great big...

    Top Ten Expensive Canadian Homes

    Happy Friday! Since it’s everyone’s favourite weekday, we figure we’ll keep it light and fun for the blog. Just a little something you can use as a discussion topic at the barbecue you’re throwing Saturday afternoon. So here’s our interesting read for your weekend:Celebrity homes are the tips of everyone’s tongues. Once you consider all...