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  • Another Friday. Well to reward you for getting through another hard week, we’ll give you a little bit of a break from all the mind-numbing madness of the workplace.We came across this cool loft in Manhattan, New York priced at $1.05 million. The current owner has said that the design is based on the architect studying him as an ‘anthropological subject’ and ‘designed it based on his habits and behaviour.’ We see the value in that, but then it forces us to wonder if the new owner will only get the maximum benefit if they share the exact same habits and behaviour?

    The Pod House is for sale! Yeah, we weren’t really sure what that meant at first either. This mushroom-shaped home is certainly unique and interesting. Take a gander at it. What do you think? Cool or just strange?We don’t have a whole lot to say about this Tuscan Villa in Loro Ciuffenna, Italy, it speaks for itself quite a bit. Apparently it was built during the renaissance as a ‘summer retreat for Italian nobility.’ That’s just another way of saying this was a cottage for the richest of the rich and it’s not hard to believe. We just saw the view from the pool and fell in love.And finally, the Friday clincher. This was passed through our office at light speed. We won’t write a teaser for it, just watch.Have a great weekendy!

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