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  • Top Ten Expensive Canadian Homes

    Happy Friday! Since it’s everyone’s favourite weekday, we figure we’ll keep it light and fun for the blog. Just a little something you can use as a discussion topic at the barbecue you’re throwing Saturday afternoon. So here’s our interesting read for your weekend:Celebrity homes are the tips of everyone’s tongues. Once you consider all the torrid affairs, arrests, and marriages in Hollywood, you’ve got a constant flow of mansions changing hands among the richest of the rich. For today, we thought we’d start close to home and run down the top 10 most expensive homes in Canada.

    10. This beauty in North Saanich, BC runs for a bargain price at $19,250,000.

    9. Granted this is only the hot tub, but the $19,800,000 price tag looks totally justified for this Vancouver home.

    8. Tied for the same price as #9, and this $19,800,000 dollar home is not too far away either in West Van.

    7. A bit hard to see just from the aerial. What we know: It’s in Vancouver, costs $20 million, and kind of looks like a giant letter ‘C’ doesn’t it?

    6. This $22,000,000 home is on a gorgeous lot in Oakville, Ontario right on the water.

    5. Nestled in Whistler, BC this house runs for $23,000,000 and is perfect for a winter sport fanatic with that kind of cash.

    4. A modern, posh home in Toronto. The monstrous house looks like it  might run you about $23,900,000 doesn't it?

    3. If you live in this $27,000,000 house in Montreal, what would you call it? We think this is when you would start taking your last name and putting it in front of the word ‘estate’ or ‘manor’

    2. Thirty million $$ even, Vancouver, HUGE. That’s all we’ve got to say.

    1. Back to West Vancouver for the most expensive house in Canada. The ‘Camelot Estate’ isn’t quite finished yet so does it count? Whether it does or doesn’t, we know the priciest home is built right in beautiful BC, and when this gem is all finished it will cost a modest $39,900,000. We’ll keep our eye on this one and see who buys it, will keep you posted.

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