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  • Vintage Article: Hints for Homeowners

    Here's what was new and innovative in the world of home renos in 1939:The Palm Beach Post. February 5, 1939

    New Asphalt ShingleThe new home owner of today may retain the picturesque charm of a wood-shingle roof and still profit by the durability and insulation provided by ashphalt shingles.This is accompanied thought use of a new asphalt shingle which has a wood grain embossed in the surface to give the appearance of weathered wood. The shingles are produced in variegated colors, and the grain is raised to heighten the effect. The surfaces of the shingle, as well as the felt inside, are sealed with a mineral-filled asphalt of high melting point.In reroofing homes during the approaching spring season, home owners who wish to unite beauty with durability may find the new shingles the solution to their problem. Funds for reroofing a home may be obtained from qualified lending institutions under the Property Improvement Credit Plan of the federal Housing Administration.Rolling Garage DoorA new type of rolling garage door, designed to prevent injury to person and damage to the automobile, is obtainable for installation in garages.The door is different from others in that it has a compressible air-containing weather strip along the entire length of the bottom edge. When this strip touches an obstruction during the closing of the door, air is compressed, actuating an impulse switch and causing the door to stop closing or to reverse and open completely. Either action can be obtained, depending on the type of control circuit desired.The action of the mechanism is sufficiently rapid to remove hazards which formerly attended remote control of garage doors. The new safety doors may be installed with funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions under the Federal Housing Administration’s Property Improvement Credit Plan.Two feet is depth clothes closetTwo feet is a satisfactory depth for clothes closets, according to Federal Housing Administration officials, who point out that there should be a minimum of one closet for each bedroom. In large bedrooms two closets are desireable

    Two feet is a satisfactory depth eh? Try 2 acres.Take a look at the original newspaper.Not following us on Twitter or a fan on Facebook? It’s not 1939 anymore, get with the times!

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