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  • Upcoming Trend? Dome Homes

    While it may not be on every residential block, the idea of a ‘dome home’ is becoming more popular, particularly in areas where unforgiving weather conditions are a major factor. The aerodynamic shape makes it sturdier against major storms and less susceptible to tornadoes and hurricanes. Dennis Johnson of Natural Space Domes reported that the three dome houses near New Orleans were left standing after the force of Hurricane Katrina ravaged the entire area. So although they look unconventional and may be an ‘acquired taste’ as far as the igloo-look is concerned, that is becoming a fair trade-off for the feeling of security.It should also be pointed out that the kits to build these homes are rather inexpensive compared to a traditional house.

    So in addition to minimizing the cost of damage should a gale-force wind strike, the cost of building or acquiring one of these homes is typically less than those polygonal houses on the market.Further, because the dome shape exposes the least amount of surface area to the elements, they remain warmer in winter and cooler in summer, adding the lower energy bill to its list of benefits. With the green movement becoming a strong force in any real estate market these days, this is making dome homes useful not only to those in storm-prone areas, but anyone who is ecologically conscious.

    Or for that matter, anyone looking to save some money long term (aren’t we all?).  It’s seeming like there is a growing list of pros in favour of this unique style of home, so could this trend grow big in the future?While maintaining most of the same features of a regular box home, dome homes have the added bonus of energy and cost efficiency, as well as the ability to withstand Mother Nature’s worst.  Do you see this becoming very popular in the coming years or it is a temporary buzz topic?Here are 10 dome homes currently on the market, what do you think?Read Zillow’s original Dome Home article.

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