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  • Monthly Archives: December 2009

    Embedding EstateVue Widgets

    Embedding EstateVue Widgets in an External Site

    If you want to integrate the EstateVue Platform or other widgets into your (non-EstateVue) Real Estate Website, it's as easy as 1-2-3. (more…)...

    Adjusting&Using Google Maps

    Adjusting & Using Google Maps

    Sometimes Google Maps doesn't place your listing's position as accurately as you'd like.  To manually adjust the location, please follow these steps: (more…)...

    Editing a Widget

    Editing a Widget

    Log into EstateVue with your username and password,  and you'll see a little orange menu box at the top-right corner of every widget on your site. You can use this box to customize your widgets! (more…)...

    Changing Colours

    Changing Colours

    Virtually every colour you see on your website can be customized. Here's how: (more…)...

    Creating a New Page

    You can create an unlimited number of pages for your website, and organize them on your menu however you like. Here's how: (more…)...

    Changing Your Agent / Broker Details

    Changing Your Agent / Broker Information

    1. From the main menu, click the "Tools" button, or choose "Site Configuration" from its dropdown menu.
    2. When the "Realtor & Broker Information" tab is selected on the left (it is by default), you can change your business and brokerage details.

    Viewing Listing Hit Statistics

    View Listing Statistical Report

    1. From the main menu, click the "Listings" button or select "Manage Featured Listings" from its drop-down menu.
    2. On the “Manage Featured Listings” page, find the desired listing, and click the small graph icon to the right.You should see a new window with a report for that listing.  The links on this...