Changing Your Agent / Broker Details

Changing Your Agent / Broker Information

  1. From the main menu, click the "Tools" button, or choose "Site Configuration" from its dropdown menu.
  2. When the "Realtor & Broker Information" tab is selected on the left (it is by default), you can change your business and brokerage details. The email address you enter on this page will be the one that all contact forms on your site will be forwarded to.
  3. Click the orange Update button to save your changes.

Changing your Agent / Broker Logo

  1. From the Site Configuration page (see above), select the "Site Layout" tab on the left.
  2. To change either logo, click the corresponding "Browse..." button and find the desired image on your hard drive. When finished, click the orange "Update" button to save your changes.NOTE: You may need to refresh the page before the new logo will display.Your agent and broker logos will display on printable feature sheets, and in certain EstateVue widgets.

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