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  • Changing Colours

    Virtually every colour you see on your website can be customized. Here's how:Begin by logging into EstateVue with your username and password, then click "preview site" to get to your home page. You will see an orange menu at the bottom of the page.

    1. Click "Page Colours" from the menu to see a list of all the colours on your website.
    2. Click any color box on the list to change that colour using the colour picker. Just click the color and brightness you want, and you will see it previewed on the page if the element you changed is within view. If you have any unsaved changes, you will see an asterisk on the menu, and options to "cancel or save" will appear (as seen above).
    3. Depending on your design theme, you may also find sliders for Font Size and other settings.
    4. At the bottom of your Page Colours menu is an option to reset your colors and settings to the default for your theme. BE CAREFUL: the default may not be the color scheme you started with – many sites (especially We Build  and Custom packages) were customized by EstateVue staff for you, and resetting the colours will remove these customizations. It'll be up to you to redesign your page if this happens.
    5. Save your changes when you're finished by clicking “Save”.

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