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    Results-Based Websites through our Managed Website Program

    The results-based managed real estate websites program is available for every level of real estate. It’s the equivalent of having an in-house marketing team for less than what you would pay a part-time employee.  Your website benefits from a content writer, SEO expert, web developer, and social media marketer.  

    EstateVue spends an average of 3-5 hours working on your account each month, in addition to 100 hours of creative spent developing a blueprint for success. We work collaboratively with your team, making ourselves available for your ideas and initiatives. Our team adds a level of polish to your online marketing because our job is to make your online presence known. 

    The name says it all – results-based. When you subscribe to a managed real estate website program with EstateVue you get all this attention:

    Let's start with 100 hours of creative.

    One Time

    Custom Real Estate Website Development with MLS Listing Data & Built-in Lead Generation 

    We design, develop and produce a custom website on a search engine-friendly WordPress framework. Your new website is developed based on a sitemap to correspond with your sales goals. Depending who your target audience is will determine what sections we create for you. Examples of sections can include, neighbourhood guides, local real estate developments, mortgage advice, housing styles eg: homes with suites, condos, etc,  demographics eg: seniors, first-time buyers, etc. Websites are developed with as much collaboration as you prefer, however, we reserve the right to make sure that pages are created to generate results. 

    ListingS & REAL ESTATE Data

    Real estate listings and data are provided through our EstateVue software. EstateVue’s listing software is a big set of software tools that allows you to compete with the best of the best. Customize your featured listings, pull in real estate listings and data for your local sales area and generate leads with our technology. If you’re a broker then agents will love our Find an Agent tool and the fact that leads from their property listings can be funneled directly their way. There’s a lot that the EV suite of technology can accomplish through automation. We can connect to your local board data feed, the CREA DDF, or both. 

    *Additional fees may apply depending on your jurisdiction, real estate board, and data agreement. 

    Lead Generation for Real Estate through SYNCRO

    SYNCRO is a lead generation solution developed by EstateVue specifically for real estate. A finalist at Realogy’s annual FWD innovation Summit in San Francisco validated that SYNCRO was a must-have for REALTORS looking to increase their efficiency.  When it comes to lead generation SYNCRO is the most lightweight, efficient way to get, track and cultivate leads. It works with any mobile device, there’s no learning curve and all your leads come from your website via text message. Don’t worry about missing a lead ever again with SYNCRO backing your managed website. SYNCRO removes the need for cumbersome, expensive add-on software. You don’t really need a CRM, you just need to try SYNCRO to simplify your marketing spend! 

    Put in the work to see the results.


    Custom Real Estate Websites Content Development

    Each month our team develops custom content for your website. This content is either added to the blog as an article or added as a page on the website. We develop custom real estate content according to the content plan we have established.

    The content is written for SEO purposes to drive traffic to your website. We optimize the content for both SEO and readability factors. Each article and page that we create also includes royalty-free image sourcing. 

    On-page SEO Optimization FOR REAL ESTATE WEBSITES

    The content on your real estate website is routinely optimized for SEO and readability factors. We add key terms based on our research and your target audience. The real estate SEO content is then developed, adjusted, and monitored each month. 

    Technical Review and Adjustments

    Your website is connected to software that routinely monitors the technical soundness of your website. This includes page speed factors, security, and general maintenance.

    Each month we ensure that any website plugins are updated to keep your website secure. Part of our process includes regular reviews of a technical audit for your website and adjusting any items that arise. Websites are also backed up daily, so there’s no concern about losing all the hard work that has been built on your domain. 

    Social Media and Backlinking

    During the first three months of service, your social media accounts are connected to our social media calendar software. This allows us to post content and backlinks on your social media profiles.

    We post every 5 days on your behalf with links back to the new content that was developed for your real estate website. Links to your website are also backlinked on EstateVue’s social media and blog to assist in raising your visibility. Currently, we post on your behalf to the following social media platforms: Facebook, Google Business, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Real Estate Newsletters, Statistics Posting, Micro-updates, and More

    If you send out a newsletter each month to your database then include us and we will post them on your behalf each month to your website to create an archive. We can also include local real estate stats for your blog, or any other valuable content that you want to share.

    Our team is very regular when it comes to posting. Your account will have a set date when the work is performed like clockwork each month. If you send us content to post before that date then we can schedule it with our regular posting. Agents and brokers love this option because it keeps their websites in sync.

    Add a new team member or remove an agent who has left. Update your audience with a new campaign or social initiative. Whatever you have going on we can help you to keep your customers updated!

    Visit our blog for more information and examples of what work we do for our customers. 

    Stay on top of what matters.


    Ranking & Reporting 

    Every two months we analyze your results and provide a customized website report. Reports include a summary of the work that was performed on the website including links to any content that was developed.

    The report also includes advice on how to improve website visibility and how you can assist us with backlinking. We regularly share consulting tips and advice on other marketing avenues that can help to improve your results.

    Social media statistics are shared and commented on along with any leads generated through SYNCRO. This is an incredible touchpoint for customers to really understand what happens with their real estate websites each month.

    Additional services to keep you secure.


    Annual SSL Renewal and Security Review

    On your anniversary date each year we renew and install your SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is required to host with us and is a mandatory security protocol for your membership.

    SSL certificates ensure that your website is secure and meets the standard requirements for collecting and sharing information online. SSL certificates are necessary for any SEO work to be performed. They validate the security of your website to visitors. This is an annual cost over and above the monthly MWP fees.