Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to build a property website template for every listing without lifting a finger!

How to build a single page property website for real estate listings, why they’re critical to your real estate marketing plan and often overlooked as a viable property lead generation technique.

If there is one form of real estate marketing that is underestimated, it is none other than the single page property listing website. To better understand...

Updating Your Broker and Agent Images

Here is a quick How-To Guide on setting your Broker and Agent images that show up in your listings details as well as your PDF Brochure.
  1. The first step is to login to your EstateVue Admin Panel. ev-login
  2. Then in the menu on the left hand side click on...

Real Estate Marketing and Search Engine Optimization – Take Me Higher!

Have you ever wondered how or why certain websites come up higher in the search engines?   In the past SEO was something that even a lucky web designer could attain with a website build.   The fact is that the number of websites and competition for specific keywords was really quite low only a decade ago....