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  • Monthly Archives: July 2011

    Is Real Estate Changing?

    In the daily browse for updates in the real estate biz, we came upon an article in the Toronto Star about new real estate companies. These start-ups are not just new brokerages, but they introduce a new type of real estate option to the public that may change the face of the industry. We...

    An Upside Down Skyscraper?

    We came across this post about an architecture graduate Stephen Sobl who designed a skyscraper to hang upside down from a concrete cantilever over the Colorado river. With a space-age Jetsons feel, this building  would change the meaning of the word skyscraper since it really goes in the opposite direction... groundscraper? (We'll work on...

    Save Money This Summer, Part II: Eco-Renovate Your Home

    Eco renovations are a useful consideration for realtors and could be a good selling point for a home that may have these extra features. The savings in utilities will appeal to potential owners and make it that much more sellable. The main objective is to save money, so maybe invest a little bit into the...

    We Moved!

    Just letting all our EstateVue clients know that we have officially moved our office to a new location. Because of the move, it may be difficult to reach us by phone but if you email us at [email protected] we will quickly follow up with a phone call. This is only temporary and we...

    Vintage Article: Convention Time Near for the NAREB

    With the NAR Convention coming up in a few short months, we thought this publication from 1955 would be of interest to all the realtors who are eagerly making preparations for their trip to Anaheim this November.
    Convention Time Near for the NAREB. The Milwaukee Sentinel. November 5, 1955By Art Goeldner, Real Estate...

    Calling All Clients! Update Your Website

    EstateVue has received some questions regarding the new mortgage rule changes that have occurred in the past few months. This is a reminder and tutorial on how to make these changes in your EV website.In case you require a refresher, we have listed the recent changes to mortgage rules below:
    1. The maximum amortization period for...

    Save Money this Summer, Part I: Give Your Home Some Life

    Now that the summer months are hitting us full force, it’s important to consider this season’s effect on your utility costs. With the air con cranked to full blast and the fans buffeting a fierce windstorm in your office, the effect is usually quite noticeable on your summer energy bill.  Luckily, there are easy ways...

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