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  • Is Real Estate Changing?

    In the daily browse for updates in the real estate biz, we came upon an article in the Toronto Star about new real estate companies. These start-ups are not just new brokerages, but they introduce a new type of real estate option to the public that may change the face of the industry. We did some research on some of these new players and found they might offer realtors a run for their money. From helping homebuyers negotiate lower commission fees to eliminating the role of the realtor altogether, they certainly have been stirring up the competition.Great Canadian Realty allows homeowners to lists properties on the MLS for just under $1000. The company also offers options to hire an agent for showings etc., for an additional fee.Sundaybell.com offers a matchmaker service to set consumers up with an appropriate realtor based on given information and preferences. Homebuyers can negotiate lower commission rates anonymously before committing to a realtor, an appealing feature for those who are shy or not willing to haggle face-to-face.Iwantthathome.ca establishes communication between homeowners and interested buyers, whether the homes are listed for sale or not. This includes neighbourhoods and streets as well, so prospective buyers are connected to the future “for sale” signs posted in their ideal area. This can establish private sales between homeowners who didn’t commit to selling their home, perhaps until they got the right offer.Forfuturesale.com lets homeowners who plan on selling in the future give the internet a big heads up. This works out for homeowners who have big plans to move in the next few years, but not quite yet. It also allows people to gauge interest before officially putting it on the market and draining precious dollars into having it sit there unsold after many showings. It can also eliminate the middle-man (the agent) by putting buyers and sellers directly in contact with each other.How do you feel about these new players in the industry?Not following us on Twitter or a fan on Facebook? Shame! (We love you anyway, but seriously take care of that)

    Photo courtesy of Dave Olsen

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