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  • An Upside Down Skyscraper?

    We came across this post about an architecture graduate Stephen Sobl who designed a skyscraper to hang upside down from a concrete cantilever over the Colorado river. With a space-age Jetsons feel, this building  would change the meaning of the word skyscraper since it really goes in the opposite direction... groundscraper? (We'll work on that). Very interesting to say the least.Okay so this isn't brand new, but we found this old contest for the 'Funniest Real Estate Story' and the winning stories are worth a read. Definitely look at the story that took first place, no doubt it was well-deserved. So take a look and thank your lucky stars that your real estate experiences have seemed quite normal compared to these (and if not, please share!).The smallest house in Toronto, measuring 312 square feet has a cult following with it's own title "The Little House." You'd be surprised to find out this tiny dwelling has been all over the media, inlcuding the Ellen Degeneres Show, New York Times and the UK's Daily Mail. Now that we've got you curious, check it out.Not following us on Twitter or a fan on Facebook? Shame! (We love you anyway, but seriously take care of that) photo courtesy of Colin Kinner