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  • Save Money this Summer, Part I: Give Your Home Some Life

    Now that the summer months are hitting us full force, it’s important to consider this season’s effect on your utility costs. With the air con cranked to full blast and the fans buffeting a fierce windstorm in your office, the effect is usually quite noticeable on your summer energy bill.  Luckily, there are easy ways to help counteract that effect without investing in major renovations or installations. In fact, this green solution involves a green thumb, using plants and trees to work their natural magic against the heat.  BC Hydro claims that “well designed landscaping can reduce cooling costs by 20% or even up to 100% in areas without significant cooling demands.”1 Aside from offering shade, greenery goes through a process called evapotranspiration, which is the reduction of heat through water evaporation from leaves. 2 Of course you’re not that interested in delving deeper into this scientific process and we’ll be honest, neither are we. And naturally we don’t do things always conventional over here so in addition to suggesting the trees and shrubs you see on every block, maybe look into a vertical or rooftop garden.Vertical gardens are an interesting showpiece and create somewhat of a ‘living wall’ like this one in Great Britain.         © Copyright Steve FarehamRooftop gardens are exactly what they sound like and are an interesting way to help cool your house. Plus, they take advantage of that darn roof space which has been bothering you lying bare all this time.        © Copyright Duncan GreyNot following us on Twitter or a fan on Facebook? Shame! (We love you anyway, but seriously take care of  that)


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    Main photo: © Ray Piquero

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