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  • MLS Website for REALTORS ® – This is the one. End of Story.

    Let’s explore our MLS Website Packages for Realtors ® – Quickstart, Standard, and Managed

    In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is essential. Especially, for real estate professionals looking for extraordinary results. A well-structured MLS website can be a game-changer for your business!

    Are you just getting started on your real estate journey? Or are you looking to upgrade your online platform? It’s crucial to understand the differences between various website packages that will convey your industry experience.

    On this page, we’ll explore three distinct MLS website packages tailored for REALTORS ®: Quickstart (entry-level), Standard (mid-grade), and Managed (highest level).

    Quickstart MLS Website PLATFORM

    mls website for realtors

    EstateVue Real Estate Listing Platform

    Manage Featured Listings in IDX Software

    Our comprehensive, real estate software allows us to showcase your properties for sale in an ultra-visible, buyer-centric,  presentation. Homes can be sorted and searched with ease from home or on the go. Listings are presented in a highly search engine-optimized format. This ensures that your listings and more importantly, your sellers get the most targeted lead exposure possible. 

    Our software creates indexable search engine-friendly URLs. This means buyers can easily find properties by keyword searches related to street names. Not to mention, the elegant listing details page design makes all your listings look like they should be featured. 

    fresh browsing experience for buyers

    A newly designed snapshot photo gallery provides a fresh browsing experience for buyers. Integrated options for virtual tours, branded and printable PDF feature sheets, tracking, and reporting*, are all creature comforts of our hallmark real estate listing software.  Add to this, hundreds of 100% customizable, real estate web design combinations, and you’ve given your real estate website the ultimate edge over the competition.   

    MLS Listings for your real estate website

    IDX + MLS Real Estate Listing SoftwareWe integrate your real estate listings with your board data directly into your website. Listing integration is standard at every price point. This allows for seamless updates to your property listings. Updates can range from price changes to new photos, but you won’t have to worry about updating data in two places. 

    As a REALTOR® when you update your board software with your new listings, our software will pick up the changes automatically.  In fact, our software talks to the real estate data. By doing so, it pulls down the listing information to your website as a search engine-friendly copy. And by doing this, it gives you the ability to create a larger website footprint. The larger your website footprint – the more traffic and leads you can generate.  Trust us, your sellers love this kind of information!

    Personalized, local search options

    In addition to making your website more visible are the options for personalizing your listings. EstateVue allows you to customize your listings with virtual tours, videos, and extra information unique to the property. There’s also an option to upload larger, high-definition photos typically limited by board photo size limitations.   

    People visiting your MLS website for Realtors are introduced to EstateVue’s unique search tools. Search options get down to the local level allowing buyers to browse various listing types by custom city locations, property types, and infinite sorting options. On the selling side, the software can be configured to show exactly what types of property you want to sell.

    Simply the best MLS website for realtors

    mls website for realtorsThe Quickstart package offers a straightforward, user-friendly real estate website design that is not commonly seen with every other sales professional in Canada. Quickstart uses a WordPress framework that is easy to manage.  All website designs are colour-matched with a detailed hands-on approach. 

    A solution that grows with your business

    EstateVue takes care of all aspects of the website setup; great care is taken to ensure that the site’s technology can be scaled outward as your business changes with the market.  80% of our custom customers start with a Quickstart package and we grow together.

    Want to contribute?  No problem – the front end of our website solution is driven by WordPress, one of the most flexible, powerful website frameworks in the world. Creating pages, managing content, and building your website is as easy as pie can get.

    Website Security

    mls website for realtorsAt EstateVue we take security seriously.  We want to ensure your website runs with no errors. Your site must be considered safe in both the eyes of the search engines and your website visitors.  Cyber threats are pervasive and continually growing. As a result, protecting sensitive data, user trust, and your online presence is paramount.

    A secure website prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data, including customer information, financial details, and personal records, ensuring confidentiality. In addition, we aim to improve compliance and enhance your SEO by adhering to strict security measures. In the long run, this helps you to confidently present a safe place for buyers and sellers.

    SYNCRO Live Chat for REALTORS ®

    live chat software for real estate professionalsWe made the best live chat software specifically with real estate agents busy lives in mind.  We get it, real estate agents are on the go – period. If you’re an agent moving mountains, closing deals, and have no time to think about technology, then SYNCRO was made for you.

    Chat requests from your real estate website come in via SMS to your phone, so all you have to do is respond to your lead with a quick text. Consequently, if you can’t get to the chat right away, then our AI can handle the initial request. An automatic response from our system will engage the lead and send it to you for follow-up later. The client is happy, you’re happy and business gets done efficiently.

    Yearly Updates

    realtor websites for agentsHow often have you hired a web company only to find out within 12 months that your site is broken? Who was responsible for looking out for your investment? 

    At EstateVue we do things a bit differently.  We conduct maintenance block checks once per year to ensure your technology is current. That means the SSL is updated, and any website framework and server updates are upgraded if available. 

    Keeping your technology up to date

    Technology is changing and evolving so fast, that you absolutely need an engineer to monitor and oversee technology checkups.  Otherwise, the result is broken sections, security holes, and glaring errors caught by potential clients.

    Further, as part of our regular maintenance cycle, we update the Estatevue platform and integrate new features as part of the maintenance upgrade.  If code needs to be updated or custom fixes implemented we will always do our best to include them as part of the maintenance block.  At the very least, we will analyze and provide you with recommendations moving forward. 

    SEO Lite

    seo for realtorsAll of our MLS websites for REALTORS ® have a foundation in place for SEO to flourish. SEO can become part of your marketing strategy immediately or in the future.  SEO is the most important digital marketing strategy due to its high ROI over the long term. 

    The challenge that we understand all too well, is that it takes time to build search engine weight.  With so many moving parts to SEO, it takes a village of people, and consistent, well-thought-out strategies to improve each month. Consistency is critical to ensure the work being regularly performed results in the campaign’s overall success. 

    Future-proofing at an introductory price point

    Our Quickstart websites come with the same foundational technical programming as our managed websites.  If you cannot afford a managed solution yet, fear not, everything is in place for the future.    You can expect a technically sound framework ready for further enhancements and optimization. 

    Further, by default, it includes all of our tracking tools. Tracking is necessary to test and measure traffic at various intervals.  Heatmaps, clicktale traffic statistics, Google analytics, and more are all integrated from the beginning of the website build.


    Our highly flexible server technology stack allows you to have inrealtor website hostingfinite scalability.  Different mail servers, custom DNS configurations, and powerful security options give you an advantage.  Server-level caching to upscale website delivery times, and so much more. 

    Learn more about our technology stack by contacting EstateVue today.


    There are many solutions available in the marketplace when it comes to websites and digital products. In fact, you can find both inclusive and niche solutions for almost every niche industry.  The crowded real estate tech space can make it difficult for REALTORS® and their trusted advisors and assistants to make the right decision.

    It doesn’t have to be that hard

    Oftentimes, we see mistakes made where marketing becomes overcomplicated. REALTORS® unwittingly find themselves in a situation where they have too much. Too much marketing is real, so let’s get into what you really need to have a great real estate website in Canada. Hopefully, these tips can help you streamline your process and your inflated wallet. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind for your real estate website for it to be effective.

    OUR mls website for realtors ® are trusted BY ALL MAJOR CANADIAN REAL ESTATE BRANDS

    Our MLS websites for REALTORS ® have been designed for big thinkers who want to position themselves as local real estate experts. We provide all the digital tools to position you as an expert in the field of real estate.  From MLS listing data tools to content marketing and SEO services specific to real estate in Canada.  EstateVue can connect all the dots.
    Discover more about our hands-on approach to positioning you as the local go-to for real estate advice!
    Estatevue Real Estate Control Panel Home Screen
    Discover Top Reator Sites in Canada Designed by EstateVue

    EstateVue Software Platform

    Learn more about what makes the EstateVue software platform so versatile.   Infinite design options, SEO friendly, and easy listing data management all tied into one incredible real estate software system.  Scroll down to learn more about some of the unique features EstateVue has to offer.

    Infinite Design Technology

    EstateVue’s software platform is independent of the website’s front-end technology. This means that we can build unique layouts, photo gallery templates, and incredible search options for all real estate listing data managed through our various data feeds.  

    This affords the ability to have a unique design from everything through the website build, all the way down to how the real estate listings look within your website.  Whatever you can dream, we can build it with code.

    Real estate listing search options screen

    Customizable Search Functionality

    Show specific listings based on price, type, location and more.  Give your customers the information they need, and boost your positioning in the search engines by showing specific properties based on address or keyword.

    Social Media Managment for real estate websites

    Direct Social Media Integration

    Integrated social media like Instagram, Google Reviews, and more.  We integrate your social feeds directly into your website to encourage more visitation and keep visitors engaged within your website.   Build credibility and confidence with your customers by demonstrating your approval rating through customer experiences. 

    Real estate CRM connector

    Integrated Lead Management

    EstateVue has built in functionality to send your leads to your CRM with ease.  If you don’t have a CRM, no problem, we have one.  Let us funnel all of the contact requests from your chat, lead generation forms, contact forms, and even SMS into one location for easy follow up and organization. 

    EstateVue Lead Connector CRM

    Integrated SMS, Live Chat, and Powerforms (forms sent via SMS).

    We know how important it is to convert website traffic into contact requests. This is why we include options for visitors to send you an SMS, start a chat, and fill out contact forms that are sent to you through email and SMS. 

    Communicate instantly, from anywhere without any worry that you are losing leads.  SYNC your leads with our CRM and now you have an engine that saves you time and gives you an edge over your competitors.

    Real estate listing management software

    Listing Management Control Panel

    Automatic listings syncing tools will allow our software to download your real estate listings into our platform as they become available.   Because of this unique mechanism, the EstateVue listing control panel, allows you to further customize each listing. This can be accomplished by adding virtual tours, higher resolution photos, and even generating real-time tracking links for your customers to monitor traffic.  

    Best of all, because you are hosting a copy of the listing data locally your SEO goes through the roof! That’s because Google indexes the content within the page: photos, listing addresses, descriptions, and more. 

    IDX real estate data feeds Canada
    real estate data feeds canada

    IDX / Real Estate Data Feeds

    Showing all real estate listings in your local area is a must for any real estate website today.   EstateVue controls many different real estate data feeds across Canada. As a result, we can refine the exact property types you want to show on your website. 

    Whether you are looking to show real estate under 400K or all Condos in a specific neighbourhood, we have you covered.   

    Real estate listing search tools for REALTORS

    Polygon Listing Isolation

    Looking to show listings in a specific boundary location?  Perhaps you want to show real estate listings in a new neighbourhood?  With our list of search-by-map tools and various mapping options, you can now show all kinds of new property information on your real estate website. 

    IDX real estate listing search

    Our real estate mapping software is smart!

    Imagine being able to look at a grouping of listings in real time and determine which listing is above or below the average price over a given time frame. Perhaps you want to see which neighbourhoods are the most expensive in a particular area of the city.

    Our mapping systems give us an incredible amount of powerful information to create functional tools that you can’t find anywhere else. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your real estate website stand out. 

    We Believe in Crafting Compelling MLS Websites for Realtors

    In the highly competitive world of real estate, a compelling MLS (Multiple Listing Service) website can be a REALTORS ® secret weapon. An MLS website for REALTORS ® is not just a digital brochure for property listings; it’s a powerful tool for building trust, generating leads, and showcasing expertise.

    To stand out in the digital landscape, REALTORS ® must prioritize several key elements to create a website that captivates and converts.  At EstateVue we prioritize these top 4 pillars.

    Pillar 1: User-Centric Design

    A user-centric design is the foundation of any compelling MLS website for REALTORS ®. It’s about creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface that caters to the needs and preferences of visitors.

    Here’s how to achieve it:

    1. Responsive Design – Ensure that your website is fully responsive, providing an optimal user experience on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. A mobile-friendly website is essential as many users search for properties on their phones.
    2. Intuitive Navigation –  Implement a clear and intuitive navigation structure that helps visitors quickly find what they’re looking for. Well-organized menus and search functions are crucial.
    3. Engaging Visuals –  High-quality images and videos are paramount. Visuals should not only showcase properties but also tell a story about the lifestyle they offer. Employ professional photography and consider incorporating 3D tours or virtual reality experiences for a more immersive presentation.
    4. Effective Property Listings –  Each property listing should include comprehensive details, such as price, square footage, amenities, and location. High-resolution images and floor plans can provide a deeper understanding of the property. Use concise and compelling descriptions that highlight unique selling points.
    5. Robust MLS Integration – The heart of any realtor’s website is the MLS integration. It’s the conduit for delivering up-to-date property listings to potential buyers.

    Pillar 2: Comprehensive Data

    The MLS integration should offer comprehensive property data, covering the entire range of listings in your target area. It should be capable of delivering property details, pricing, and status changes in real time.

    1. Search Filters – Implement advanced search filters that allow users to narrow down their choices based on their specific criteria, such as location, price range, property type, and more. Users should have the ability to save their searches for future reference.
    2. Interactive Maps – Integrating interactive maps is a game-changer. Users can explore properties geographically, which is especially helpful for out-of-town buyers.
    3. Property Alerts – Enable users to set up property alerts to receive notifications when new listings matching their criteria become available. This proactive approach keeps users engaged and coming back to your website.
    4. Valuable Content and Resources – A compelling MLS website goes beyond property listings; it provides valuable content and resources to educate and engage users:
    5. Educational Blog – Maintain a blog that covers relevant topics in the real estate industry. Share insights on market trends, home-buying tips, neighborhood spotlights, and more. A blog positions you as an industry expert.
    6. Buying and Selling Guides Offer comprehensive guides for buyers and sellers. These resources help users navigate the real estate process and reinforce your expertise.
    7. Local Insights – Showcase your knowledge of the local area by providing information about schools, amenities, transportation, and lifestyle. Paint a vivid picture of what it’s like to live in your market.
    8. Testimonials and Reviews – Display client testimonials and reviews to build trust and credibility. Authentic feedback from satisfied clients can be a powerful persuader.

    PILLAR 3:Lead Generation Tools

    We feel a compelling MLS website should serve as a lead generation engine.  Some of the key methods you can expect within your real estate website are:

    1. Contact Forms – We place user-friendly contact forms strategically throughout the website, making it easy for visitors to inquire about properties or request information.  This includes forms that have been specifically programmed for each property.
    2. Free Valuation Tools – Our home evaluation toolset provides a unique tool that allow visitors to estimate the value of their current property.
    3. Newsletter Sign-Up – We encourage the setup and configuration of an enewsletter  for regular updates on new listings, market trends, and real estate news.

    PILLAR 4: SEO Optimization

    To ensure that your MLS website reaches a wider audience, we need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO):

    1. Keyword Optimization –  Incorporate relevant keywords, into your content, meta descriptions, and alt tags. These keywords help search engines understand your content’s relevance and will boost your site in the search engines.
    2. Local SEO – We recommend optimizing your website for local search by including location-specific keywords, creating Google My Business listings, and securing local backlinks.
    3. Quality Content – Publishing high-quality, informative content that positions you as an authority in your field will reward you with higher search engine visibility and genere more contact requests for you and your customers.

    A compelling MLS website for REALTORS ® is the linchpin of their marketing presence. With a user-centric design, robust MLS integration, valuable content, lead generation tools, and SEO optimization, we can create a digital hub that attracts, engages, and converts website visitors. In a fiercely competitive real estate market, a well-crafted website sets REALTORS ® apart and empowers them to thrive in the digital age. Thats what we do at Estatevue.

    What's On Our Mind?

    Learn more about marketing for real estate when you read our blog. We post once per month and regularly share tips and advice about digital marketing for Canadian real estate websites.