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  • Monthly Archives: June 2012

    Vacation Homes: The Resurgence

    It's no mystery by now that the property market has been...questionable...since the middle of the past decade, and is only just starting to finally sort itself out. By no means has the market recovered, however it seems apparently stable, and is starting to show slight improvements over the past few months. We may not be...

    Celebrity house flipper settles down

    Diane Keaton, actress and house flipper extraordinaire, has finally chosen a home to settle down in. Breaking her normal habit of buying homes that need major rejuvenation and adding her own flavour of decor and and renovation, she has bought a home that’s all ready to move into. Although this change seems to be just...

    EstateVue Mobile Version

    Your EstateVue website already loads fine on Mobile browsers, but sometimes it can be a lot of information on such a small screen.  That's why we've created EstateVue Mobile Version and made it available to you at no cost.If you have a WeBuild or YouBuild website, you can enable EstateVue Mobile Version for free.  When...

    All the Single Ladies

    Some strong numbers are showing for unwed females in the North American real estate market. In fact, the stats say about 20 percent of homebuyers are single women, breaking down the old-fashioned way of committing to a husband before committing to a home (as reported by the National Association of Realtors). In the Lower Mainland...